Jace Learns to Snuggle: An Animal Rescue Adventure

Jul 19, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Lee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

Jace, an owner turn-in, came into Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue in rough shape. He was matted, covered with fleas, and as Chris, his foster mom, said,” He came in with his dukes up.” Clearly, he had not been treated well.



Col. Potter renamed the little wheaten Cairn, Jace. Often rescued dogs are renamed for a fresh start and to mitigate negative associations with their former name. Jace was not completely housebroken, but he proved, despite his poor start in life, to be a very sweet-natured dog. Chris worked on getting him housebroken, though she still uses a belly band when she goes out, but Jace rarely has an accident anymore.

Jace is particularly fond of Chris’ husband and spends time snuggling with him in their recliner. Other times, he plays or naps with his two favorite toys, a hedgehog and a quacking duck. He gets along well with Chris’ two Cairns and loves meeting people.

“I find it hard to believe this sweet boy is still in rescue,” said Chris. “We did have an adoption in the works, but when his vet exam showed a luxating patella, the potential adopters backed out. It’s too bad, because it certainly doesn’t bother him or hold him back. He runs and chases around here with my two guys, doesn’t limp, goes up stairs easily, and enjoys a forty minute daily walk.”dog

Jace is six years old, neutered and ready for his forever home. A good home for this sweet boy would be one with older children who know how to treat a dog, but probably not one with really young children. He also needs a situation where he is not alone for long periods or left outside. He would love a person or family who will play and snuggle with him. dog

Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network is the largest Cairn rescue organization in the world. The all volunteer group is a registered 501c3 charity and is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of Cairn Terriers. If you would like to learn more about Jace or Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, visit their website: Col. Potter

Editor’s Note: Jace was just adopted!

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Lee Juslin is a free lance copywriter living in North Carolina with her husband, Scott, and her band of misfits: Tarquin, a Wheaten Scottish Terrier, and three handicapped cats. They can be seen on their website: Hampshire Hooligans. She owns I B Dog Gone, a small embroidery business and is the author of the Nurse Frosty books for children and Frosty’s Story: Tales of a Therapy Dog. She supports a number of national and regional terrier rescue organizations.


  1. I loved the story of Jace. I wish I could take him but am already full of rescued animals.

  2. A very nice story again Lee. I wish we were ready for another dog but we are still morning our beloved Tessa. We’ve decided next year will be our year. I know that Jace will find the right family. Thank you again for a great story.

  3. What a lucky boy to have landed in the land of Col. Potter! Bet he knows he’s not in Kansas anymore. Someone is going to have a wonderful companion one of these days.
    I love the way Ms. Juslin presents these stories – makes me want to apply for every one!

  4. Great story. Lee. I hope this little guy finds a forever home soon.

  5. Jace was adopted today and is on his way to his happy forever after.

  6. Wonderful story. I hope Jace gets the great home he deserves.

  7. He looks just like my Jack, who is also a rescue dog. It is so rewarding to see them learn to love and trust people. Jack used to run away when I got out a leash; now he wants to go for walks. He still (after seven years with me) gets nervous when our other dogs play with each other. He just doesn’t get it. He comes to his people for reassurance nobody’s gonna get hurt 🙂


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