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Jul 17, 2010 | 2010 Articles, Books & Tales, Contributors, Reedley News

by Scott Hancock

Scott hit the internet for Kings River Life Magazine recently and asked some Valley residents the following question:

Do you think BP is doing everything they should in the clean-up and attempted containment in the gulf?

“Absolutely not. With so many people out of work, they should be spending billions on employing people for the clean up effort. Every inch of beach that is affected should be getting cleaned until the job is done.”

Rob H., Fresno

“BP was in it for the money, by using inferior equipment and taking shortcuts, banking that nothing would happen. Now, they are paying…. and so are we.”

Denise P., Reedley

“I think the government should have had a better eye on safety measures way before this happened.”

Leigh D., Clovis

“From what I’ve read and heard, the answer is no.”

Jonathan A., Fresno


Teresa H., Sanger

“Certainly. They are being portrayed as the evil empire in the media. They are losing millions (billions) through this.”

Keith M., Tulare

“I believe that BP tried to do their best with what they had. They forgot though to ask for outside help. If they had done this to begin with, that is think outside of their box, it could have been resolved a lot faster.”

Michelle C., Reedley

“There were at least two big problems with this issue. One, BP did not anticipate the crisis and have a contingency plan to handle it. Two, they underestimated what it would take to fix the well and were way too slow getting up to speed in the clean-up process. Our own government also failed to understand the magnitude of the problem and act timely and effectively. Quicker and more effective reactions to the problem by both BP and the government could have prevented the oil from coming ashore thus avoiding the economic and environmental disaster.”

William D., Visalia

“I don’t think BP has exhausted all avenues. However, every day that well pumps more oil into the gulf, BP loses more and more money.”

Darren R., Lancaster

Scott Hancock has lived in Fresno most of his life working throughout the area in Theater Arts.


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