Let Them Eat Cake. Terrier Cake!

Jul 14, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Food Fun, Lee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

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If you are hosting a party, picnic or just want a fun project to do with a youngster, here’s an idea for a cool but simple terrier cake that will have people thinking you are a world class cake decorator.

You will need cake mix (enough to make a two layer cake), two cans of icing or an equivalent amount of your own icing recipe, decorative items (see photos), and a cold glass of milk.

First, bake two 8” square cakes in whatever flavor you like. They will eventually be covered by icing. Once the cakes have cooled, turn them out onto a large cutting board or a heavy duty cardboard sheet that is used for transporting sheet cakes. These are available at party stores or specialty craft shops. You can also make your own by taking a large sheet of heavy cardboard—perhaps from a carton—and covering it with tinfoil.

Leave one cake whole and cut the other in 1/2. Put 1 of the halves with the whole cake to form the body. The terrier’s body then measures 12” across and 8” tall. At the top right corner of the body, cut off a triangular piece at about a 60 degree angle that measures 3” down and 1” across the top. Turn this piece around and use for the tail.

With the unused 1/2, cut a rectangular piece that measures 4” x 6”. This will be the head. Before putting the head in place, cut an angle off the top corner of the body where the head will be. This cut piece should measure about 1.5” down and 2.5” across. Eat this piece. Wash it down with a slurp of the milk.

With the piece remaining from the head cut, slice a triangle shaped piece that measures 2.5” – 3” across the top and 1.5” down. Cut at about a 60 degree angle. This will be the ears. Eat the remaining piece and follow with a slurp of milk.

At the bottom of the body, measure over from the front end 4”, cut up 2”, measure across 4” and cut down 2”. You will have a cut out piece that measures 2” x 4”. Eat this piece. Wash it down with another slurp of milk. The hole from the cut gives you the legs. The Scottie/terrier shape is complete. Eat any remaining pieces and wash down with milk. Save a small amount of milk.

To ice the cake: cover the “seam” areas first so the cracks are covered and the pieces “cemented” together. Then, ice the entire cake including the sides. Swirl the icing at the feet, the tummy, and the face to simulate the hair or use coconut (see photo). After icing, lick the knife clean and follow with the remainder of the milk.

Use your own imagination and creativity to add an eye, a tongue, even toenails. You can use colored icing to make a collar, bow, harness, or vest.

Originally I designed this as a Scottie cake. However, it will also work for Cairns, Westies, maybe even Yorkies.

We guarantee your easy terrier cake will be the hit of the party.

Thanks to Tunia Hyland, granddaughter Louisa, and Mary Lauber for photos of their terrier cakes.

Additional information on how to make a terrier cake including a diagram is available at: Scottie Cake.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share your own favorite creative recipe.

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Lee Juslin a graduate of Bucknell University with a master’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and is a freelance copywriter who lives in NC. Until recently, she was active in pet therapy with her certified therapy dog, Frosty, and owns I B Dog Gone, an embroidery business dedicated to supporting several terrier rescue organizations.


  1. Another awesome article from Lee.

    Right now I`ll have to settle for Twinkie. Poo.

  2. Love the design and the pictures. I visit my Mother’s assisted living residence with my scottie Hamish. At the end of the month there is to be a pig roast for families and residents. I’ve been racking my brain on what to bring for the potluck . Perfect a Scottie cake or 2! It was right there in front of me but I needed your article to see it!

  3. this is a super easy project and so much fun to make! I’ve done several for ‘Pot-Luck’ Rescue group meetings and Obedience Graduation parties – always a big hit — with a little ‘extra’ creativity you can make a Westie with some of the extra pieces (don’t eat them!) to ’round out’ the head a bit – my next project is to make a Bichon out of it — all it needs is a really round head, a ring tail and a lot more coconut!

  4. I especially like the “eat this piece and drink some milk”part of the instructions. That’s one I can follow! Beautiful cakes, so much fun at a party, people will hate to cut them but they’ll be too tasty to miss.

  5. I just love this!! Doesn’t look too hard at all (a good thing for me), and is so cute!! Would be great for many occasions.

  6. Very fun. Now how do you make an Irish Setter cake? would love instructions for this one!

  7. This looks so yummy and easy as well. It would be a hit at a terrier lovers’ gathering, especially. Can’t wait to make one…

  8. Lee, these ideas are wonderful!! Cakes look awesome!!!
    I love that you write and make it EASY for us to follow…
    You rock!!!

  9. Wow, Lee! You are so creative! Is there anything you DON’T/CAN’T do? Give squeezes to all your babies from me!

    • I have to give most of the credit to my husband, Scott. Of course what else would MY husband’s name be but Scott.
      He figured out all the measurements and the layout to make the cake and he drew the diagram that is on my site:
      Stand by, everyone, for my Scottie pie!

  10. What a cute and clever cake! The article made me smile! Thanks, Lee!

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial. My sister has a Westie and would love this cake. I will be making this one soon.


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