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Jul 9, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This weekend I saw [title of show] presented by StageWorks Fresno. StageWorks first produced this show as their debut show in Fresno a few years ago. I loved it then, and loved it now.

Simply put, [title of show], is a show about two struggling young writers in New York writing a musical, and yes that is actually the “title” of the show. This show is quirky, funny, and very different from anything I’ve ever seen. We get to watch the process, from that first telephone call to each other where they talk about writing a show for a film festival, all the way to it going to Broadway. At first, they are concerned about only having three weeks to write the show, but decide to just go for it. There are only five characters in this show and a very simple set, but that’s all you need. Steven Braswell plays Jeff, Daniel Rodriguez plays Hunter, and Taylor Abels and Melinda Parrett play their friends who become a part of the show. Laurie King plays Mary their accompanist–and she is actually the accompanist for the show, and the only music in the show is played by her on the keyboard.


Left to right-Steven Braswell as Jeff and Daniel Rodriguez as Hunter

[title of show] is incredibly funny. Even if you aren’t a writer, or involved in theatre in any way, you will still enjoy this behind the scenes look at creating a show, and getting to know these quirky and very funny characters. If you are a writer or in theatre you will relate completely! There are a lot of fun songs in the show as well, and every one of the actors has a lovely voice. One of my favorite songs actually has a great message amongst the comedy, “Die Vampire Die.”


Left to right-Daniel, Melinda, Taylor and Steven

This was my first time seeing Steven on stage and he just blew me away–what a beautiful voice. I hope I have the chance to see him on stage again. It was nice to see Taylor back in the Valley for another show, as well as Daniel–they have been missed on our local stages. I was very impressed with Melinda Parrett’s comedic abilities–the last time I saw her was in a very serious role as the mother in Next To Normal. Melinda is a very versatile actress. Joel Abels, StageWorks Artistic Director, directs this show and does a great job as always. I can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed by a StageWorks Fresno show!

If you are in the mood to laugh like crazy, don’t miss your chance to see [title of show]. It has become one of my favorite musicals. Keep in mind that this is not a family show as there is quite a bit of strong language.


[title of show] runs through July 20 on stage at the Dan Pessano Theatre, 2770 E. International Ave. in Clovis. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 559-289-6622 or going to their website.

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