Summer Sports

Jul 3, 2010 | 2010 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Teens

by Billiann Robertson

Reedley High School athletes not only show their dedication throughout the school year but also during the summer months. Students take their athletic abilities to the next level through participation in summer sports. Whether it be basketball, water polo, volleyball, soccer, or football; these boys and girls are proving that they are serious about their sport by giving up time during their summer vacation to improve as a team.

water polo game

Billiann playing water polo

Summer sports programs help school teams in many ways. The programs give incoming freshmen an opportunity to gain some prior experience playing with the high school team before the league season starts. Coaches very willingly volunteer their time to bring together their teams and help them gain more experience in the sport. Teams participate in tournaments all over the state for the experience rather than the record like during a sport’s season. In my experience playing summer sports, such as water polo and basketball, I have gained a great deal more confidence when I play and formed team bonds that carry over into the season.

Even if a student decides they do not want to play the sport during the school season, playing during summer still has its benefits. Athletes are provided with a positive outlet for their energy along with the opportunity to stay in shape, all in a positive environment. Summer sports allow students to gain all of this in a less pressured atmosphere then that of the school environment. These dedicated students are not only gaining experience, staying in shape, and forming bonds, they are also being taught the discipline and life lessons that come with being an athlete.

youth sports

Jr. Giants program

Summer sports are already underway this year but there’s a whole spectrum waiting to be discovered, from Reedley’s Jr. Giants, a youth baseball program, to Central Valley Water Polo. Dinuba’s youth sports programs may provide options; call 559-591-5940 for more information. Other opportunities currently available for youth from our Local Events listings:

Billian Robertson is 15 years old, personal assistant to our publisher and a contributor to our Teen Talk section who has a real appreciation for the area, with expectations of settling here after college.


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