Chosen: Web Series Review

Jun 28, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Chris Lovato, Mysteryrat's Maze, Web Series & Vlogs

by Chris Lovato

“One day, you’re just a guy. Then you get a box, and your life is over.”

When Ian Mitchell gets a wood box on his doorstep containing a photograph and a gun, he’s drawn into a game of, quite literally, life and death in the Crackle web series, Chosen.

Ian discovers that the man in the photograph, Daniel Easton, is a target assigned to him for elimination, and while he has no idea who sent the box, they up the ante when they take his daughter, Ellie. After he meets another box recipient, Paul, he learns of The Watchers, a group who gives “chosen” people a box with a gun and a target, and how far the game extends. The Watchers can see everything through surveillance systems and hidden cameras, and their connections with law enforcement make it impossible to get out of the game. With his daughter’s life in danger, his wife, Laura, is also drawn into the game.web series

In season 2 the Mitchells go on the run, and meanwhile, former tech student Jacob Orr struggles to make ends meet to support himself and his handicapped brother, King, as a bartender, but the delivery of a box and orders to kill someone changes everything. His target turns out to be another veteran Hunter who, incidentally, has been tasked with killing Jacob.

While it isn’t prominent in mainstream television, Crackle stepped up to the plate with this one and brought in some big talent. Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) is Ian Mitchell, and his knack for drama definitely pays off as his character goes from middle class defense attorney to cold-blooded killer. Australian soap star Nicky Whelan (Neighbours) plays Laura Mitchell, and her reactions to everything that happens once the game starts show that she brings the element of being willing to do whatever it takes to save her family. Child star Caitlin Carmichael (Shake It Up, iCarly) is Ellie, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be on tenterhooks until you find out what happens to her.web series

Adding to the talent in the second season is Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), and he brings something to the story that drives his multitude of emotions as the story plays out into the hearts of viewers. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) plays Max Gregory, a Watcher-to-be and a perfect chameleon when he’s introduced. Sarah Roemer (Fired Up!, Disturbia) is Dr. Avery Sharp, an unfortunate pawn in the game.

Overall, Chosen is the kind of series that hooks you from episode one and keeps you going, even into the third season. Its mix of intense drama and the human element that allows us to connect to the unfortunate players in the game gives it a ton of potential, and season three boasts even more big names (did somebody say Rose McGowan?), which means that it’ll have us hooked until season four premieres later this year. If you’re looking for something to watch while the fall season gears up to start in a few months, this series is a great way to binge until then!

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Editor’s Note: Milo Ventimiglia is also an executive producer.

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Chris Lovato is a twenty something Coloradan who happens to know how to wield a sword…and a pen. Although more inclined to the dark and macabre, his love is literary fiction (based in the ”real world” with a supernatural twist). You can find his blog at Follow him on Twitter @ceeloroboto.

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