Chris Lovato

The Conjuring: Halloween Must Watch Movie

by Chris Lovato

This week, it’s a Special Edition of the Halloween Must Watch Movie List!
The search for scary movies to watch this Friday is a tough one, but here’s a gem you’ll want to catch if you haven’t seen it already. From James Wan, the man who brought us Saw and Insidious, comes: The Conjuring.

Halloween Must-Watch Movie List! Mama

by Chris Lovato

It’s October, and that means another Halloween Must-Watch Movie List!
With all the horror movies out there, it can be extremely hard to find something good and scary to watch. Well, if you’re looking for something good, and scary, it might be a good idea to kick off your Halloween movie binge with a particularly creepy gem by Guillermo del Toro: Mama.

Forever TV Review

by Chris Lovato

Immortality has been a dream shared by many, and realized by no one. Well, almost no one. Tales throughout history whisper of ways to cheat death, but often, those rumored to live forever don’t want to. Such is the case of Henry Morgan, the protagonist of ABC and creator Matt Miller’s new venture: Forever.

Z Nation TV Review

by Chris Lovato

Zombies are one of humanity’s greatest fears and there are hundreds of stories that speculate what would happen if a zombie apocalypse occurred. 28 Days Later, World War Z, and I am Legend have all explored this possibility, and SyFy takes a crack at it by teaming up with Karl Schaefer to bring us: Z Nation.

Streamy Awards Preview

by Lorie Lewis Ham, Chris Lovato,
& Jessica Runnels

This Sunday is the fourth annual Streamy Awards for online video. KRL has previously reviewed some of the web series nominated this year and we are reposting here our reviews of those nominated series: Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Chosen, and Bravest Warriors. A review of Emma Approved, also nominated, will be up this Saturday morning!

Doctor Who: TV Review

by Chris Lovato

We can start in 1963, when Doctor Who first graced British televisions until 1983, when it was cancelled. Resurrected by Russell T. Davies in 2005, it’s captured the hearts of American audiences quite recently, and it has only grown in popularity since then.

The Black Box: TV Review

by Chris Lovato

Humans have explored the depths of the oceans and the vast reaches of outer space, but one of the toughest puzzles we’ve been faced for centuries is one very close to home: the human brain and mind. Although neuroscience and psychology have come a long way in the last century, doctors still deal with stymieing neural cases every day and sometimes, even have to deal with it themselves. ABC gives us a peek into the world of one such doctor in its midseason venture, Black Box.



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