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Jun 27, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Podcasts, Tales of Diversity

by Lorie Lewis Ham

As we continue to feature other mystery podcasts, Pride month seemed like the perfect time to chat with Brad Shreve about his podcast, Gay Mystery Podcast. Earlier this month we reviewed Brad’s first mystery novel, A Body in a Bath House.

KRL: How did you decide on the name for your podcast?

Brad: I believe it’s short and to the point about what the podcast is about, though I admit it doesn’t note that interviews are the most prominent focus of the show.

KRL: Why did you decide to make a podcast?

Brad: Mainstream bookstores used to have tiny nooks for gay and lesbian books. These usually contained nonfiction and literary novels. I don’t recall ever seeing any genre fiction in them. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I discovered the LGBTQ mystery genre and was thrilled. Here were traditional stories, except the primary characters were like me. This encouraged me to write gay mysteries. Eventually, I realized if I hadn’t been familiar with the subgenre, that there were likely many others [who weren’t] as well. This encouraged me to start the podcast to educate others that there are many excellent LGBTQ mystery writers.

KRL: Why a mystery podcast?

Brad: Because of my long-term passion with mysteries even before I learned there were LGBTQ mysteries.

KRL: Why did you decide to start a podcast that focuses specifically on LGBTQ mystery authors?

Brad: There are many talented authors who write LGBTQ mysteries, and I believe they aren’t receiving the attention they deserve. This is especially true since most mainstream publishers shy away from novels with a protagonist who is LGBTQ.

KRL: What do you do on your podcast—interviews, reviews, mystery news?

Brad: My show opens with a five-to-seven-minute segment for a book recommendation each week. Following that, I interview authors of LGBTQ crime fiction.

KRL: Who else is involved with the podcast?

Brad: Justene Adamec hosts the book recommendation segment. I asked her to join the show because she is an avid reader of LGBTQ crime fiction. We call her segment recommendations rather than reviews, because all the books she promotes she gives a five-star rating. In her segment she explains why.

KRL: How do you decide what content you have in your podcast?

Brad: I am open to all authors, established or new, as long as they write LGBTQ mysteries in which solving the crime is primary to the story.

KRL: Are there certain types of mysteries you prefer?

Brad: I have no issue with romance or sex in a mystery novel. They have traditionally been in them for decades, beginning with pulp fiction, I have a rule on my show that “Crime is Prime.” This means the primary focus of the author’s stories must be the crime. I have no interest in romance or erotic novels where mystery is the subplot of the story.

For personal reading, I prefer mysteries with private investigators or amateur sleuths. I will occasionally read a police procedural, but they are not my typical fare. I enjoy a protagonist who is allowed to break the rules.

KRL: How do you decide who you will interview?

Brad: Getting guests for the show has never been a problem. Authors are always happy to promote their books. Most of my guests come from suggestions by other authors. Sometimes, if I see a popular author in the top seller’s list, I will invite them to be on the show. The majority of my guests not only write LGBTQ stories, but identify as LGBTQ themselves.

Brad Shreve

KRL: How long have you had the podcast?

Brad: Gay Mystery Podcast began in October 2019.

KRL: What do you like best about doing a podcast?

Brad: I was surprised at how much I love conducting the interviews and getting to know a large number of authors that I have enormous respect for. Many have become friends.

KRL: What has been the hardest?

Brad: I’m not a technical person and found editing to be daunting. It used to take many hours to edit one show. Fortunately, with time, I’ve become adept at the task and can edit a show quickly.

KRL: How did you decide what platform you would use as a host for your podcast?

Brad: There are a large number of companies that will host your show to make it available to the various directories, such as Apple. Being a person who researches before taking a step, I believe I looked at them all. Based on their customer service and ease of use I chose Buzzsprout as my hosting company, and am pleased I did.

KRL: Future goals?

Brad: While I will occasionally have guests who are not LGBTQ, I plan to put greater emphasis on having guests who identify as part of the gay community.

KRL: What makes your podcast different?

Brad: As far as I know, my show is the only podcast that is devoted 100% to queer crime fiction.

KRL: Any extra special episodes coming up?

Brad: I am booked over four months ahead and have a great number of authors I respect and am excited to have as my guests. Several are considered icons in the subgenre, but I prefer not to say who. I treat all my guests with equal respect.

KRL: Where can we find your podcast?

Brad: Listeners can find Gay Mystery Podcast on all major applications, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and Stitcher.

KRL: Do you have a website for your podcast?

Brad: Episodes can be heard on the website, which is

KRL: How has the current crisis changed how you do your podcast, if it has?

Brad: The crisis hasn’t changed the format of the show in any way. Gay Mystery Podcast did see a reduction in listeners like most podcasts around the world. This was due to people being out of their normal routine. Now that things are returning to normal in many areas, the number of listeners has returned to where they were before the pandemic hit.

KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Brad: If anyone is interested in being a guest on the show, or provide their book for recommendation, they can reach me at info@gaymysterypodcast[dot]com.

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