Prometheus: Movie Review

Jun 18, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Jesus Ibarra, Movies

by Jesus Ibarra

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Ridley Scott’s much awaited return to the sci-fi genre sought to answer where we come from in the aptly named Prometheus, which is also the name of the spaceship in the movie. What started out as a prequel to the beloved 1979 film Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, became its own stand-alone film that takes place roughly thirty years before the events of Alien, and only set in the same universe.

A lot of sci-fi fans, myself included, had high hopes for this movie because we might finally get answers to where the Xenomorphs (the aliens from the movie Alien) and the Space Jockey, also from the same film, come from. And here is where the movie has its biggest problem that probably is the foundation for all the criticism it has gotten—the film just doesn’t know what story is wants to tell. It tries to serve as a pseudo-prequel and a new stand-alone film, and that is where it fails because I feel it would have been better if it knew exactly what it wanted to say.

Now it is a gorgeous film, and the acting is solid. Nevertheless, some of the dialogue, character motivation, and plot holes are incredibly obvious and distracting. I mean for a group of scientists, they sure are incredibly stupid. I could probably write an entire manifesto on the problems this movie had from the script to the pacing or the beating the audience over the head with the theme it was trying to convey. But I won’t do that because everyone else on the internet has done so for me.

I will say this though, the biggest thing that bugged me was that for asking all those profound questions it answers none of them. And when it tries to answer them, it answers with pseudo spirituality and more questions.

My favorite things about the movie were its stunning visuals and set pieces, and the aliens look beautiful. The only thing that I absolutely loved was Michael Fassbender’s robot character David. That was the only character who was consistent, and Fassbender delivered an amazing standout performance.

I am mostly disappointed because I am a fan of the first Alien film and wanted questions answered. I had high expectations for this film. But if you aren’t like me, you will definitely enjoy this movie, and anyone who is like me if you will lower your expectations a bit, you will also enjoy it even if afterward you start to think and critique it.

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