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May 30, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Mysteryrat's Maze, Podcasts

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This is the third in our series featuring mystery podcasts! This week we are interviewing host and mystery author Eric Beetner about his podcast Writer Types.

KRL: How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

Eric: When Steve (my original co-host and co-creator of the show) and I were talking it out we landed on that in much the same way they did on that classic episode of The Simpsons which parodied The Beatles. On that show they picked a band name for their barber shop quartet (The Be Sharps) which was funny at first but then a little less funny each time you heard it. Flipping around Type Writer seemed like it did the same thing. You get it and it’s mildly clever the first time.

Original logo

KRL: Your name and connection to the mystery world?

Eric: I’m Eric Beetner and I’ve been publishing crime novels since 2009 and been a very active member of the community. I host a reading series called Noir at the Bar here in LA for the past 8 years and I’ve hosted other events like the Murder and Mayhem in Chicago conference. I like giving back to the community that welcomed me when I first started publishing.

KRL: Why did you decide to make a podcast?

Eric: Steve and I are both doers. We like to create something, both musicians used to driving our own careers in that field. We’re also not afraid of the microphone, as a lot of writers are, since we are naturally introverts. We felt this could be a fun way to help promote other authors and make something at the same time.

KRL: Why a mystery podcast?

Eric: That’s my genre. It’s what I write and most of what I read. It’s also where all of my friends and contacts in the book world are so it made getting guests a whole lot easier.

KRL: How long was your cohost with the show and why did he have to leave?

Eric: Steve (who writes under S.W. Lauden) was with me for the first two full years of the show. It’s a big- time commitment and he had other projects that were heating up, so he decided to step away and devote time to those. It was amiable and he encouraged me to go on without him. He’s still a great friend.

KRL: How did you decide what content you would have in your podcast?

Eric: From the start we wanted to structure the show like an NPR show or something similar – a variety show, if you will. We didn’t want to do the kind of podcast where you turn on the mic and talk for 90 minutes. We wanted to edit the segments to keep them tight and have multiple guests per show. I think it sets the show apart in a very crowded space.

Eric Beetner

KRL: I really enjoy listening to each episode, well done. Are there certain types of mysteries you prefer?

Eric: I’m a hardboiled guy. I like it dark and I like vintage noir novels. I tend to prefer standalone novels over series, but some series I do love.

KRL: How do you decide who you will interview?

Eric: It’s a mixture of friends whose books I love and authors that publishers send my way. I’ve discovered some great new (to me) writers that way, but I always make room for small press authors and writers I think need a wider audience. I always love to promote someone whose books I love even if they don’t have a marketing budget behind them and we’ve worked very hard to make sure to have equal gender representation and to feature as many diverse writers as possible.

KRL: I know you have someone who also has a review segment can you tell me about them and how often they offer reviews?

Eric: Our review team are husband and wife team Dan and Kate Malmon. They have a history of doing reviews for Crimespree Magazine, so we brought them on board. They appear on every other episode, usually, and chatting with them is one of my highlights of the show.

KRL: How long have you had a podcast?

Eric: It’s closing in on three years, which is crazy to think about.

KRL: What do you like best about doing a podcast?

Eric: I like making something and having a product that is 100% my creation. I book the show, do the interviews, edit the show, made the logo, run the Twitter feed. Plus, I just love talking to authors. I love chatting with people I know and meeting new writers, often in other countries. I like giving authors a place to promote their work and have a few laughs at the same time.

KRL: What has been the hardest?

Eric: Booking is the hardest. Working with everyone’s schedule can be tough. I don’t want to be a burden on someone’s day. I want them to enjoy their time talking with me so I try to be as accommodating as I can.

KRL: How did you decide what platform you would use as a host for your podcast?

Eric: We tried a few different places at first and then we settled on Libsyn for both price and the wide reach of the RSS feed. It’s been good for the show.

KRL: Future goals?

Eric: Keep doing what I’m doing as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with my own writing. Later this year I’m going to take another hiatus for a few weeks to finish up some writing that gets pushed back by the work it takes to do the show.

KRL: What makes your podcast different?

Eric: Having multiple authors, the editing of the show and the “slickness” that people have commented on. I think we also always go for the lighter side of it. We don’t want to be too “self-serious.” The show is more fun because of that, I think.

KRL: Any extra special episodes coming up?

Eric: I’ve been doing double the number of episodes during the quarantine. It’s been a challenge but since everyone is trapped at home, I figure it can only help keep people connected.

KRL: Where can we find your podcast?

Eric: It’s across all podcasting platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and I Heart Radio. Wherever you find your podcasts, you can find Writer Types there too.

KRL: Do you have a website for your podcast?

Eric: We do! WriterTypesPodcast.com Clever, right?

KRL: How has the current crisis changed how you do your podcast, if at all?

Eric: Only in that I’ve increased the output. Since I record everything remotely anyway, that part isn’t different. Although I had to miss out on doing remote recording at conferences like Murder and Mayhem Chicago and Bouchercon later this year. I love those episodes most of all, so that’s a bummer.

KRL: I was looking forward to meeting you at Bouchercon this year. Anything else you would like to add?

Eric: Just that I hope people give it a listen. We have a deep archive of shows by now so there are so many great authors to listen to and we try to keep the show entertaining whether you know the authors or not.

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