The Killing: TV Review

May 28, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Jesus Ibarra, Mysteryrat's Maze, TV

by Jesus Ibarra

Ever get mad about the fact that cases on regular crime procedurals get solved super fast on TV? (I’m looking at you CSI, Law and Order, Bones, etc.) Well if you want to see how cases in the real world (well, almost real but close enough) get solved, then you are going to love The Killing, AMC’s ambitious import from overseas that sucks you in with a thirteen episode murder mystery of who killed Rosie Larsen.

The Killing cast members Joel Kinnaman & Mireille Enos

Set in Seattle, Washington, The Killing sets an ominous tone right off the bat in the premiere, with the constant gloom and rain making the city itself an excellent character and adding to the suspense of the show. Each episode is a day in the investigation of the Rosie Larson murder by Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Detective Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). Throughout each episode, we learn more details about the case, and more about the personal lives of both detectives. There is also a subplot that could still be tied to the murder, but it isn’t clear as of yet – a mayoral race between two politicians.

Finally, the third plot of the show, which is probably the freshest part about it, is how the community of Seattle, more specifically the family of Rosie Larson, deal with a horrible death. Michelle Forbes, as Rosie’s mother, gives some of the best, gripping, gut wrenching acting I have ever seen; I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some Emmy love for her work. Enos as Sarah Linden is my favorite part of the show because her acting is so subtle that it’s incredible. She captures her character’s struggle to keep all the balls juggling in her life: a fiancé waiting for her to move on from her job, being a great detective and the consequences that come with it, and being a single mother to her teenage son. The show has some great writing, solid acting, and is a slow burn mystery that will suck you in.

Around the middle of the show you will probably feel a little frustrated with this slow type of mystery, being used to quick reveals, as was I, but don’t worry because the show will then reveal certain details or big events that will hook you back in. My only complaint of the show is the amount of red herrings there are, because it’s always the little details that reveal more about the Rosie Larson murder, if you pay close attention. But don’t let that stop you from watching this amazing show, because it shows why AMC dominates in drama. Check it out!

You can learn more about this show on its website. You can catch up on episodes On Demand with Comcast, and there may be other options as well. Otherwise, be sure to check this show out when it comes out on DVD-definitely worth it!

Jesus Ibarra is 18 years old and an ongoing contributor to our Teen Talk section; with a love of all media, he’s always on the lookout for the best finds.

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  1. I am currently watching the Danish series that this show is based on… yep it is good.


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