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May 25, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham, Sports

by Lorie Lewis Ham

With gas and ticket prices what they are now you practically have to take out a loan to go to a Major League baseball game to see the Giants, Dodgers, or whoever your favorite team is. And with the current economy, it’s hard to even consider spending that kind of money. So if you have an itch to attend a baseball game, why not try Minor League baseball and check out the Visalia Rawhide. They are right here in our own backyard and far more affordable.

I recently had the chance to attend a Rawhide game with my husband and teenage son, and I have to say I was impressed even before we went inside. Sure the stadium is smaller than a Major League one, but it is a beautiful place!

This is a perfect inexpensive night out for the whole family. The cheapest seats are just $6 and you can sit at picnic tables or on the grass on the side which is perfect for those with little ones who may get restless or want to camp out on a blanket on the grass to play with their toys or even take a nap while mom and dad enjoy the game. The Bullpen Family Deck tickets are only $7 and you have access to a kids play area and BBQ available as a meal option. Really good seats are only $10 to $12–these days you’re lucky to go to a movie for any less than that–with the highest price tickets being just $20 on Thursdays and $15 any other night. There are also some special reservation only seating areas.

A special treat for kids is the chance to have their photo taken with the mascot, a Holstein Bull named Tipper. There are also birthday party packages, a Rawhide Kids club, and a lot of fun items for the little and big fan in the gift shop. If you love fireworks, go on Fireworks Friday and you’ll get a light show on top of the game! For an extra special price go on 2 for Tuesday’s and get 2 tickets for the price of one. Each night has some sort of special offer including Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays!

Fireworks show

Now I have to admit I’m not a huge sports fan but I enjoy going to a hockey or baseball game in person now and then and I know enough about the game to know what’s going on. My husband though is the biggest sports fan on the face of the earth and has also been the radio/webcast sports announcer for Reedley College Football for several years. So needless to say if he says this is quality baseball you can believe him, and he does.

The only complaint I would have would be the prices of the food—but honestly it’s pretty much expected whenever you go to a sporting event or a movie that the prices will be a little higher than in just a regular restaurant, so if money is an issue just eat before you go and grab a cheap snack afterward at a local restaurant. There’s also Little Caesars Pizza available at the game which we did not check out because my husband has to have the more “traditional” baseball food of hotdogs and nachos–so the price of that may possibly be more in a family budget and worth checking out.

There are also season ticket packages available, and for those of you with extra money to spend, you can get extra benefits by becoming a part of the Hall of Fame Club located just off of first base where there is an air conditioned VIP facility, full bar and optional catered meals.

So for a great night out for the entire family, instead of mortgaging the house so you can afford to head to San Francisco or Los Angeles for a game, just head over to Visalia and enjoy a Rawhide game; great baseball, beautiful park and you can still go home with money in your pocket. Even as a non sports fan, I recommend this as a great outing! And it’s kind of fun to root for a local team instead of one three hours away.

Learn more on their website and keep an eye on their KRL event page for special Rawhide events/promotions as well as their schedule. You can also read an interview with their pitching coach Doug Drabek.

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