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Cannibal by Ke$ha: CD Review


FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andBooks & Tales,
andJacob Alvarado,

by Jacob Alvarado

When people hear the word cannibal, they think horror film or Jeffery Dahmer. Well the Cannibal I am talking about is Ke$ha’s latest album. This is the ultimate dance/party album. The lyrics are a little suggestive but are fun to sing when you’re happy, sad, or really mad.

The title track, “Cannibal,” is a dark, creepy but really interesting song. She talks about how she “eats” boys up because they are all over her because she is famous.

The next track is the #1 hit “We R Who We R”. Ke$ha wrote and dedicated this song for all the people who were bullied because of their sexuality and especially those who have taken their own lives because of it.

The huge hit that Ke$ha based her new tour on is “Sleazy”. This song is an anthem to people who like to act how they want and no one can bring them down.

The ballad on the album is “The Harold Song”. It’s a sad love song about a past relationship about how the truth hurts more than lies.

The rocker song on this album is “Grow a Pair.” In it she talks about how she can’t date a guy that can’t stand up for himself so she gives him the ultimatum: “If you grow a pair, you can call me back”.

This album is a fun time on a disc. Ke$ha is an acquired taste, but she is an up and coming artist who is here to stay.

Jacob Alvarado is 19 years old and a contributor to our Teen Talk section, oft bringing us an inside look at local theatre due to his love of performing.

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