Kenni Lowry Mystery series By Tonya Kappes: Review/Giveaway

Apr 22, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Kathleen Costa, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Kathleen Costa

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“Welcome to Cottonwood, Kentucky! In the South, it’s better when the food is fried and the secrets kept buried!”

The Kenni Lowry series by Tonya Kappes is a marvelous adventure following Sheriff Kendrick “Kenni” Lowry as she patrols Cottonwood, Kentucky. Along with Kenni, we meet Duke (hound dog pal), her staff, some of whom are very quirky and the State Police Reserve officer Finn Vincent, a handsome transplanted Yank. We also meet the citizens of Cottonwood, some more quirky than others, and…Poppa. book

Elmer Sims is the former sheriff and Kenni’s grandfather, dubbed “Poppa,” who sadly awhile back was found after suffering a massive heart attack. Kenni was devastated over the loss, but decides to run for the now vacant position of sheriff. For her first two years, crimes ? including felonies ? have essentially been non-existent for this small community, however when the first murder on her watch rears its gruesome head, she is curiously dogged by a ‘little voice’ offering her points of procedure. “Did you say something?” Kenni asks. The idea of a former sheriff’s ghost, albeit Kenni’s grandpa, is not silly…it’s not hocus pocus! It blends well with the investigation to uncover motives, opportunities, and means like one’s inner voice might, and these interactions between Kenni and her Poppa are delightful and endearing.

Tonya brings us a delightful, strong-willed woman who tries hard to follow some of the proper southern lady conventions, but dressed in the brown uniform her mother dislikes, her position of power as sheriff tends to put her in conflict with those demands. She has to ignore it when told a crime scene is not the proper place for a young lady or the threats that a ‘person of interest’ might report her to her mama for her tone.

The mysteries are clever and engaging and the paranormal aspect is a delightful twist for which Tonya Kappes is known. A bit of romance appears in the form of a State Reserve officer turned deputy, and Kenni’s mom, a true Southern belle, offers some insights and typical, albeit frustrating, mother/daughter dynamics.

Check out the Kenni Lowry Mystery section on Tonya Kappes’s website for some fun ? Cottonwood Visitor Guide, Southern Recipes, Meet the Folks, Virtual Vacation in Cottonwood, Scavenger Hunt PDF, Book Cover Coloring pages, and Book Club Questions. Tonya has provided her fans with a well-rounded experience beyond just reading her books…

This is where it all began…

Fixin’ To Die earns 5/5 Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches of Oozy Goodness!

“Calling all units! Calling all units!” is an ironic announcement, since Kenni Lowry is the ‘only’ unit in Cottonwood, Kentucky. She’s been sheriff for two years, pretty calm and routine, until the gruesome murder of the town doctor turns it all upside down…then a robbery at White’s Jewelry Store has everyone on alert. Kenni finds her Poppa’s uniform label pin, thought to have been buried with him, which starts an odd set of circumstances leading to Kenni’s new partner…

Poppa ‘dead and well’ provides that extra bit of help leading toward suspicious behaviors, overheard conversations, medical files, insurance details, and a few harrowing experiences!

This is the premier story in Tonya’s Kenni Lowry series and although I have the eBook, I choose to enjoy this story with the audio version. The characters and the mystery were very entertaining loaded with Tonya’s signature southern humor, and Hillary Huber, the narrator, greatly enhanced my experience with her marvelous voice talent. Her skill puts you right in the middle of Cottonwood portraying Kenni’s strong spirit to Poppa’s deep tenor. Her ability to create a wide range of southern drawls from strength to annoying, Hillary’s skill is perfect to bring Tonya’s characters alive…even Poppa!

Released in April…

Southern Fried earns 5/5 Plates of Fried Okra ? Southern Style!

“Someone cooked his goose and cooked it good,” Kenni hears Poppa comment, watching him explore parts of the crime scene. Kenni Lowry is off to investigate another mystery, but she is never alone. Poppa passed away a while back and now he helps with her investigations…easy when you’re a ghost!book

The newest investigation centers on Owen Godbey, found dead face down in Myrna Savage’s prized tomatoes. Kenni, along with Poppa and Officer Finn Vincent, begins to uncover very suspicious connections with sibling rivalries, ex-wives, cooking competitors and a cookbook. A Cookbook? Yes, a family heirloom in which way too many people have an interest.

Southern Fried is the second book and once again, Tonya has written another entertaining story that fans will enjoy and newbies won’t be at a loss by not having first read Fixin’ to Die. Kenni is still delightful, gaining a bit more confidence in murder investigations and her relationship with Deputy Finn seems on a positive track. The mystery is engaging and exploring the idea heirlooms come in variety of packages made me think about my own grandmother’s recipe book.

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