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Apr 17, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community, Going Green, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

In honor of Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22, it seemed a perfect time to interview a new business involving plants that sprung up during the pandemic, Let It Grow Fresno. We interviewed one of the owners Kelly Brianne, who is also a local actor and is looking forward to getting back on stage once the pandemic is over. Her partner in the business, and in life, is Daniel Karkoska.

KRL: What is Let It Grow Fresno?

Kelly: Let it Grow Fresno is a retail boutique specializing in indoor foliage.

KRL: When did you first start Let It Grow Fresno and how did that come about? Did this grow out of being stuck at home due to the pandemic?

Kelly: Let it Grow Fresno started as a home gardening/ indoor houseplant Instagram blog. It was initially a place for us to track the progress of our outdoor garden and our indoor plants. We started during the pandemic. Both Daniel and I lost work due to the pandemic and without knowing what would happen we decided to try to work for ourselves. With both of us being passionate about gardening and foliage, it just made sense for us to go in that direction. So we posted our first product. Some Aeonium Succulent cuttings from our personal collection. Those sold out and then it just snowballed from there. I started making plant and pottery pairings and listing them on our Instagram and we couldn’t seem to post quick enough. This is when we started to put systems in place and get organized because we really felt like it could turn into something for us.

Daniel and Kelly

KRL: What all do you sell and what services do you offer?

Kelly: Indoor houseplants are our specialty. We also sell succulents, pottery, plant hangers, and accessories. We have a potting table in our shop and offer potting services in store or at our client’s houses. We also offer weekly/monthly houseplant maintenance and design services.

KRL: When did your love for plants first begin?

Kelly: My grandparents owned a grape vineyard when I was a child and I feel like that was my second home. They always had fresh grapes, and a huge garden. As I got older and owned my own house, my love for succulents grew and I have quite the collection. Once our indoor lighting situation improved our indoor plant collection exploded. We have almost 200 plants in our house now!

KRL: Oh wow! What is it you love most about plants and what do you feel they add to a person’s life?

Kelly: I love caring for them and watching them grow. I also really enjoy the challenge. I feel like adding greenery to your home just brightens up your space and makes people happy. It also helps clean the air!

KRL: Why are plants important for the environment?

Kelly: Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They also provide nourishment, and many have medicinal properties.

KRL: Are you online only or do you have a storefront?

Kelly: We have an online store and we have a physical storefront. We are open for appointment only on Thursdays from 2-7 p.m., and then open to the public Friday 2-7 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday 11-5 p.m.

KRL: I understand that a lot of the pottery is done by local artists, can you tell us more about that?

Kelly: We strive to have our stock comprised of all local companies. Fresno/Central Valley, California, and USA products. We prioritize stocking to Fresno Locals first and are always looking for more creative brands to stock in our shop! We have hand-thrown pottery by Hannah Desch Ceramics, and some hand painted terracotta by The Pot Spot Fresno. We also have porcelain hand-painted planters by Momma Pots, a woman owned business based out of San Diego.

KRL: What makes your business unique?

Kelly: Community. Our customers/clients become our friends. We also provide continued support for our customers by being extremely available to help with plant questions! Every plant also comes with a care card with “best practices” specific to each plant.

KRL: Where can you be found online, and in person?

Kelly: www.letitgrowfresno.com /Instagram: @let.it.grow_fresno/ Facebook: Let it Grow Fresno. Our Storefront address is 529 E. Shields Ave Fresno, CA, Shields and Van Ness.

KRL: Having any specials for Earth Day?

Kelly: Surely! we are giving 10% off our online store or in-person shopping with CODE: EARTHDAY2021

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