Camacho Park’s $4 million Facelift

Apr 13, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Community, Jim Mulligan, Reedley News

by Jim Mulligan

In February 2024, the City of Reedley received a transformative boost for its local parks system, marking a pivotal moment in the city’s ongoing efforts to enhance community recreational spaces. With a substantial grant of $4,049,992 from California State Parks, Reedley embarked on an ambitious project to renovate Camacho Park, one of the city’s cherished public spaces. This grant, one of the largest in Reedley’s history, earmarks funds for a comprehensive overhaul, including the renovation of three baseball and softball fields, the construction of a new walking path, the creation of a group picnic area, the addition of a restroom and signage, the creation of public art, and improvements to landscaping and lighting throughout the park.

In anticipation of the 2024 season, board members have been busy preparing the fields. All are looking forward to the new renovations to Camacho Park.

The project’s evolution reflects a deep community engagement process, revealing the city’s commitment to meeting its residents’ needs and aspirations. Sarah Reid, Reedley’s Director of Community Services, shared in an insightful interview how the scope of the Camacho Park project expanded over time, driven by community feedback and evolving needs. Initially focused on infrastructure improvements such as lighting upgrades and restroom renovations, the project’s scope broadened to include security enhancements, public art, and recreational features like a walking trail, responding to community concerns about graffiti, vandalism, and the need for safe walking spaces.

The inclusion of cameras and murals aims to enhance park safety and aesthetics, potentially reducing vandalism by creating engaging public spaces that foster a sense of ownership and pride among residents. The walking trail, partially situated within the park and extending into surrounding areas, promises a safe and inviting route for neighborhood walks, addressing residents’ desire for accessible outdoor exercise options.

This project stands as a testament to Reedley’s resilience and persistence. Reid recounted the city’s repeated efforts to secure funding, emphasizing the disappointment and determination that marked the journey. The grant’s eventual acquisition was a moment of validation and excitement for the community, signifying the state’s recognition of the project’s value and Reedley’s dedication to its public spaces.

Reedley Little League teams gathering for the opening ceremonies last year. This year’s ceremony was scheduled for April 6, 2024.

Diego Mendoza, Reedley Little League’s Social Media Manager, highlighted the project’s immediate impacts on local sports and the broader community. Upgrades to the snack bar are particularly anticipated, ensuring that this vital facility meets health standards and continues to serve as a central hub for sustenance and socializing during the sports season. Moreover, the project’s focus on accessibility and spectator experience promises to make Camacho Park more inclusive, enabling people with disabilities to enjoy games and events comfortably and safely.

Despite the excitement, the renovation process necessitates temporary adjustments, including relocating Little League activities to other city fields that meet the required standards. These short-term challenges, however, are viewed as steps toward a significantly improved facility that will benefit the community for years to come.

Reedley Little League last year

Reedley’s approach to the Camacho Park renovation project exemplifies how public spaces can evolve to meet community needs through persistent effort, engagement, and collaboration. The project not only promises enhanced recreational facilities but also a model for other communities seeking to revitalize their public spaces. As the project moves from design to construction, the anticipation among Reedley residents grows, marking a new chapter in the city’s commitment to creating vibrant, inclusive, and engaging public spaces for all its residents.

Pics (all courtesy of Reedley Little League)

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Jim Mulligan was born and raised in Selma. He has been employed in Reedley on and off for the last twenty-plus years. He married his college sweetheart, a Reedley-ite, Kristi. They now reside in Reedley amongst their children and grandchildren. Bonsai, traveling the world both near and far, and motorcycling take up most of his free time.

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  1. I’m Frank Camacho’s great grand-daughter on my dad’s side. This is so cool! We are so proud of our family history in Reedley.


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