A Stranger’s Good Deed

Mar 25, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Lee Juslin, Pets

by Lee Juslin

Fraser, a little Scottie pup, had a rough start in life. Born in Pennsylvania Amish country, he was the only puppy to survive in his litter, and he might not have continued to survive had it not been for the kindness of a stranger.

Living in an Amish home, Fraser was not getting the care or love he needed. Fortunately for this sweet, little pup, his life was about to take a positive turn.


Visiting from New York State, Jocelyn came across a horse wandering along a road by himself. Experienced with horses, Jocelyn immediately got hold of the horse and walked him to the nearest house. As luck would have it, that was where the horse had wandered from. While she was talking to the owner, a scruffy little Scottie ran out from the backyard. When Jocelyn saw the terrible shape the little Scottie was in her heart melted. She dug through her pockets and found just $40.00, but persuaded the man to sell the pup to her.

Jocelyn took Fraser back to her home in New York State. Her plan was to improve his health and appearance and then find him a good home. After several weeks, Jocelyn called Erica of Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue for help with Fraser.

When the rescue took him to their vet, they discovered he had a severe case of worms. While Fraser was being treated, all the dogs in the same foster home had to be treated. This was a rather big expense for the rescue, but they knew this young pup was worth it.

It took Fraser a while to adjust to his foster home, but after a short period and a cure for his worms, he began to show his personality. At eleven months, Fraser is still very puppy-ish. He loves to play with other dogs, especially females, and he also loves toys. Having had his first grooming, it is clear he is a good-looking Scottie.

When Fraser tires out from running and playing, he likes to cuddle with his foster mom and another dog in her bed. His foster mom is working on housebreaking as well as teaching him to walk on a leash. But, whoever adopts him will need to continue his training.

Fraser will be neutered before he is offered for adoption. However, the vet wants to hold the neutering until Fraser is one year old.

A good home for Fraser would be one with another dog to play with, preferably a female. Because he is an active, puppy-like boy, he needs a single person or family young and active enough to keep up with him and to continue his training. He has never been alone, so someone who works at home or has only a part time job would be a good fit. Little Fraser just wants his own person or family with whom he can connect. With some work and lots of love, Fraser will make a wonderful little pal.

You can learn more about Fraser and all the other Scotties in Scottie Rescue, volunteer, apply to adopt a rescue, or make a very needed donation. During this time of the Covid virus rescue organizations need even more help with financial donations and volunteers. If you want to volunteer, you can become a foster parent or help with transporting. Scottie Rescue of Great NY/NJ is a 501C3 entity so donations are tax deductible.

Visit the Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue on their Facebook page or their website:

Web: NY/NJ Scottie Rescue site
FB: NY/NJ Scottie Rescue

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Lee Juslin is a freelance copywriter living In North Carolina with her husband Scott and four rescued cats. She has an embroidery business, I B Dog Gone, and sells on Ebay under the I.D. Collectorfrosty. She supports several national, regional, and international breed rescues.

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  1. Kudos for the Vet in waiting to alter…hope the new owners Vet is of the same thinking!


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