Tradewinds Pub: Sail Away to Reedley’s Newest Gastronomical Hotspot

Mar 16, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Food Fun, Jim Mulligan, Reedley News

by Jim Mulligan

Editor’s note: Just before St. Patrick’s Day seemed like a perfect time to share our article on a new local pub!

In Reedley, a captivating blend of nostalgia and culinary ingenuity has come to life with the arrival of the Tradewinds Pub. Named after the enduring equatorial breezes that guided ancient explorers, this new dining establishment, nestled in the heart of town, promises more than just a meal. Owners Heather Ground and David Peters, in collaboration with partners Laura and Sergey Yanovsky, have transformed a familiar locale into a haven for exquisite cuisine, delightful drinks, and unforgettable experiences.

Stepping into Tradewinds feels like a journey back in time, where the ambiance whisks patrons away to a tropical outpost where traders and adventurers gather to relax. Drawing inspiration from the creativity of the famous Mouseketeers’ playground, the owners have infused the space with animated monkeys playfully tinkering with the electrical system, creating an atmosphere that transports diners far beyond Reedley.

The Dole Whip Flight: have one before dinner and after.

Tradewinds has rapidly become a local favorite, not just for its delectable offerings but also for the immersive dining experience it provides. The menu pays homage to Reedley’s culinary legacy, reintroducing beloved classics that have stood the test of time, such as chicken cordon bleu, the French dip, and potato skins—dishes reminiscent of The Pub, the establishment’s predecessor.

To elevate the dining experience, Tradewinds introduces a seasonal twist to its menu. This spring, patrons can relish enticing options like shrimp and grilled fish tacos, pork chop marsala, and a classic po’boy sandwich. A commitment to freshness is evident, with some sandwiches featuring bread sourced daily from La Boulangerie in Fresno, while most other dishes are crafted from scratch.

Bartenders Kristal Neise and Chris Reclusado are busy most nights whipping up a variety of specialty drinks for Tradewinds patrons to enjoy.

Tradewinds not only takes a nostalgic detour with English pub classics like bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips but also caters to diverse palates. From the New York strip steak and Cajun pasta to the quintessential American favorite, mac and cheese, the menu offers an array of options. For those seeking a sweet conclusion to their meal, the bananas foster bread pudding offers a tantalizing twist on a classic dessert. Burgers and sandwiches further round out the culinary offerings.

The drink menu at Tradewinds mirrors the creativity found in the kitchen, featuring both standard fare and inventive concoctions. Some beverages draw inspiration from the iconic Dole Whip, blending it with fuzzy hard seltzers to craft tantalizing cocktails which can double as desserts. Guests looking to explore a variety of flavors can opt for a sampler flight.

Bartender Emilio Ruiz is ready and willing to pull a nice draft beer from offerings at Tradewinds.

Enhancing the vibrant atmosphere, Tradewinds hosts live musical entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, providing a rhythmic backdrop that perfectly complements the tropical theme and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall dining experience.

Owner Heather Ground shared her vision for Tradewinds stating, “We aimed to create a fun, themed, and delicious dining experience while paying homage to the history of our location. We hope that long-time Reedley residents can relish the classics while embracing the refreshing new atmosphere.”

Tradewinds isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a testament to the owners’ dedication to blending tradition with innovation. With its thematic ambiance, mouthwatering menu, and lively entertainment, Tradewinds invites both locals and visitors to embark on a culinary expedition that transcends time and tantalizes taste buds. As the equatorial breezes of flavor swirl within Tradewinds, Reedley finds itself at the forefront of a culinary renaissance, where the past and present harmoniously converge.

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Jim Mulligan was born and raised in Selma. He has been employed in Reedley on and off for the last twenty-plus years. He married his college sweetheart, a Reedley-ite, Kristi. They now reside in Reedley amongst their children and grandchildren. Bonsai, traveling the world both near and far, and motorcycling take up most of his free time.


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