Rogue Performer Preview: Why I wrote Robert Will Show You the Door (Tales of Being Fired)

Feb 10, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Rogue Festival

by Susan Jeremy

It is almost time for the Rogue Festival again–it will be taking place March 1-9 in the Tower District of Fresno. This is the first of several Rogue Performer Preview articles we will be posting between now and then, and we will also have a more general Rogue Festival article coming soon! We will also be posting several show reviews once the festival begins!

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Have you ever been fired? Imagine getting fired from your first job ever. That’s what happened to me when I was 16. I was working at Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips, a fast-food chain in New York, all the way from London. When I got hired, my mother told me to ask them if they had a pension. Apparently, she thought I’d have that job for a long time. It lasted three weeks. The exact reason why I was fired is a blur. The indignation that I felt at such an impressionable age would last for years to come. Little did I know that I would be fired from a series of jobs to follow for the next two decades.

Why would I write a show about this and relive the humiliation? Because comedy stems from misery. The more misery I experience and write about, the funnier I am. When I set out to write the show, I didn’t realize that I had been let go from most of my jobs. It was a bit jarring. But It validated that I really am an artist.

The best part about performing this show is that I get to finally respond to the bosses who fired me. I say what’s on my mind, something I did not do each time that I was fired. Because I also play all the characters, I can really get in there with who I thought they were as people, bosses, and supervisors. I had one supervisor that walked like he was dancing, always stopping in a ballet-like pose. Another boss smoked as she told me I was incompetent as a clown. When you’re fired from being a clown, there is nowhere to go but stand-up comedy. That’s where I ended up – touring the country in comedy clubs. After many years on the road, I realized that I needed a more fulfilling career. I accidentally became a teacher. I never set out to be one, the profession just found me. In New York, anyone with a BA and without a police record can be a substitute teacher. That’s how I started. I still teach today more than 20 years later.

Comedy has never left me. After a long hiatus, I started doing stand-up again. My seventh-grade student found me on TikTok and asked me if I was a comedian. At first, I was embarrassed, but then I answered, “Yesterday, I was a comedian, today I’m your teacher, so you better do your work.”

WHERE- Vista Theater
296 N. Vishon Ave.

Friday March 1st – 8:30 Thursday March 7th – 7:00
Saturday March 2- 9:30 Saturday March 9th – 12:30 PM
Sunday March 3rd- 3:30

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