Feral Paws Rescue: Shrimp’s Story

Feb 10, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Lupe Gore

The cats at Feral Paws Rescue have all been rescued from high-kill shelters, as those of you who regularly follow our stories know. That includes Shrimp, who we feature this month, but he comes with a very interesting story about how he got here––and how he left.


Shrimp’s story begins at the CCSPCA (Fresno) where he was abandoned as a kitten. He was semi-feral at the time and wandered about the property at the shelter. Shelter staff worked arduously with him to tame him, and in a short time he became a staff favorite. The director of the shelter at that time allowed him into the office area, where he seemed to make himself at home. Shrimp grew up to be a very handsome long-haired ginger cat. He was still temperamental though, so adoption to an outside party wasn’t an option.

About two years ago, the shelter began renovations of that office/adoption area and Shrimp really had no place to go. There was already another cat in the “stray” building who resided there full-time, and Shrimp didn’t seem to care much for the company of other cats. Staff also didn’t want him back outdoors roaming the parking lot for fear he could meet a very untimely fate with cars going in and out throughout the day. So, when the renovations began, staff at the CCSPCA contacted Feral Paws Rescue to see if we could give Shrimp a temporary home here.

A nice big house was set up for Shrimp away from other cats, but where he could sit and watch the goings on here at the Rescue and have a nice view of everything imaginable he could want, from birds to people. He could see the free-roaming cats at the Rescue from the safety of his house. Shrimp loved to talk a lot, and I mean A LOT, while he was at the Rescue!! Although he was fed more than once a day, he just liked to get the attention of whoever was in his area, so we’d stop by and chat with him. He seemed very content in his big house (except for a couple of times when he tried to escape), but decided he much preferred his domain.

Renovations at the shelter proceeded very slowly, so Shrimp almost became a permanent fixture at the Rescue, and one staff member there who had fallen in love with Shrimp while she worked at the shelter left, so it seemed Shrimp’s fate wasn’t to return to the shelter, and he would become a permanent resident of the Rescue. That was until last month, when that former staff member contacted our Rescue and said she wanted to adopt him as her own cat!!

Shrimp adopted

The day she came for him, he was so happy to see her again! We here at Feral Paws always had to be a little cautious when handling Shrimp, as he was prone to scratch hands that reached out for him. But when he saw her, he went right into her arms, and willingly into a carrier. That night she sent us a video of him on her bed, kneading on the blankets, and as happy as he could be. Shrimp will be an indoor-only cat from now on, but will still see things outside, this time from the comfort of his own home where he will be loved forever.

Shrimp is one very lucky cat to have started his life out as a stray to the life of luxury he has now. If only every cat’s story had such a happy ending as his. We at Feral Paws Rescue try to ensure that for the cats we rescue from these shelters.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Shrimp! You were a joy to care for and we will always love you!

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  1. Ooooh my goodness, this had me in tears. A move to another rescue, things don’t go right, BUT then they do. Well done Shrimp and Shrimp Mom.


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