Sanctum: Movie Review

Feb 7, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Lorie Lewis Ham, Movies

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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From executive producer James Cameron, the man who brought us Avatar and Titanic, comes Sanctum, an adventure movie that takes place in an unusual setting—caves; in particular an underwater cave that has never before been explored. In Sanctum a caving team faces a life threatening experience that proves deadly for much of the team in the end.

This movie is inspired by real events and I’d have to say after seeing this movie even if I’d ever considered exploring a cave I certainly wouldn’t now. Despite its rather confined setting, that at times left me feeling claustrophobic, this movie is filled with danger, suspense, and excellent special effects. There was no danger at all of my falling asleep during this one, despite the lateness of the hour at which I viewed it, as it truly keeps you on the edge of your feet once the danger begins and is very intense and exciting at times. And unlike some action movies, it was very believable. However, I wouldn’t suggest this movie to people who have a fear of drowning or are claustrophobic. And while it is available to see in 3-D, I don’t think my fears could have taken that. It is also not a movie for those who don’t like sad endings.

It was interesting to learn about an occupation I was mostly unfamiliar with as these people were not hobbyists; they were true explorers in every sense of the word. I also enjoyed the unfolding relationship between father and son.


Sanctum is rated R for language, violence and disturbing images. If you enjoy action and adventure I would recommend this movie. And if you don’t share my fears lol, I think it would be incredible in 3-D.

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