Col. Potter Mixes It Up With No Cairn Mixes: Part II

Feb 3, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Lee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

In Part I of our series on No Cairn Mixes, we talked about two little dogs with no Cairn Terrier in their make-up that had come into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. While it is difficult for a specific breed rescue like CP to place mixed breeds into their forever homes, the CP volunteers know that they are the last hope for these dogs, and so they take them in, and then do their best to find good homes for them. Juniper and Pip are two of these No Cairn Mixes looking for their forever homes.



Each of these mixes, when they come in to CP, has a DNA test done to determine background. They all show a variety of breed ancestry, and Juniper is no exception. Sandy, CP’s Foster Home Director, said, “Juniper is a true mix. He has some Poodle, Olde English Sheep dog, Australian Cattle dog, Chow, and Australian Shepherd in his background.”

Juniper 2As is often the case with rescues, Juniper came in as a shy pup and very afraid of strangers. His foster mom says he would run and hide when anyone new came to visit. They have used an Adaptil Collar to help control his anxiety, and it has helped. He now stays in the room with strangers and even allows new people to pat him. Juniper has bonded with his foster family and proved that he can be a loving family member. But, he will need a special home; one where he can be allowed to bond on his own timetable. He needs a calm home without a lot of people coming and going. He gets along with other dogs and would prefer a home with another dog to pal around with. He would be okay with older children, but it’s unknown how he would be with cats. He enjoys walks, especially if he has another dog friend along, and he doesn’t need a fenced in yard. With no health issues and at only two-years old, Juniper, given time and love, will be a wonderful family member.

Pip is another No Cairn Mix dog residing in a CP foster home and looking for a forever home. He is seventy-five percent Australian Terrier, twelve percent Westie, and twelve percent mixed. At twelve, Pip is a senior dog, but his age should not disqualify him as he has a lot of life and love to give an adoptive family. Pip had a cancerous lump removed, but the vet is convinced that she removed it all, and he is now cancer free. He has no other health problems.



Pip walks nicely on a leash and does not need a fenced in yard. A suitable home for Pip would be one where he is an only dog and gets all the attention. However, he does get along with other dogs and would adjust to a home with another dog already in residence. He hates to be left behind because he loves being with his people and enjoys riding in the car. A retired person or couple would be a good match for him, and he would be a good in an apartment. Pip is not shy and enjoys meeting people. He takes treats gently from a hand and plays well with other dogs. Pip’s dream is a home where he can be on a lap and snuggle with his very own person.

leePip and Juniper, like Carlotta and Carousel profiled in Part I of the No Cairn Mixes series, have a lot to offer adopters, and CP offers lower adoption rates for these mixes. For mixes up to six years old, the fee is $100. Those six and older are offered at an adoption fee of only $50.

If you would like to learn more about Juniper, Pip, or the other mixes Col. Potter Cairn Rescue has available, or if you would like to donate or volunteer, visit the organization’s website or their Facebook page.

Website: Cairn Rescue
Facebook: Col. Potter
Learn about the Adaptil collar: Adaptil

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