World Rat Day

Rizzo Rat Rescue In Southern California

by Diana Hockley

KRL wants to spread the word about what awesome pets rats are, and also to help those who are rescuing them, so we interview rat rescues across the country. This week we are interviewing the owner of Rizzo Rat Rescue in Southern California, Lillian. In honor of World Rat Day on April 4 we actually have 3 rat related articles in this issue!

The Travelin’ Rat

by Danielle S.

The Travelin’ Rat is a unique organization: our mission is to help animal rescues, especially those that take in rats, wherever we can and in whatever way we can. This is generally done through fundraising, but we also help rescues by sitting with them at events, helping with transports, and spreading the word when rescues need help. We are very often confused with a rescue; though we help them and work closely with them, we do not rescue animals ourselves.