Vacation & Happy New Year!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL is taking a vacation this weekend to celebrate the new year! We will have some new articles during the week, and a small issue on January 6, then back to normal after that. Happy New Year!

Baby Vacation & Happy Thanksgiving!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL is taking an unplanned vacation this weekend! This week our oldest went into labor and it lasted for 2 days before they ended up having a c section Thursday night. Baby's due date was this coming Sunday and I had things planned to take off next weekend, but instead there isn't an issue this weekend because I have barely been home since Wednesday morning.

Tips for Getting Your California Vacation Cabin Ready This Summer

by staff

Summer is an amazing time to relax and enjoy the great weather with the people who are closest to you. This is why it's a great idea to get your California summer vacation cabin ready early so that the good times can roll uninhibited. With some lifestyle updates, you can modify your cabin and ensure that you all enjoy this season. Have a look below to see some helpful tips that can make it easy for you to prepare for the summer and maximize your safety and comfort while you're there.

KRL Is Taking A Holiday Break!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We are on vacation this holiday weekend to enjoy some much needed time off and catch up on a few things. But don't worry we will be back July 9 with another full issue. We will still be posting some midweek articles next week.