Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Oct 17, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Travel

by staff

Is family vacation a recurring topic at the dinner table? You’ve all been dreaming about that perfect getaway but have never actually gone through with a plan. Well, better late than never, right?!

Matching schedules, interests, and problems is daunting, but a little planning goes a long way. Vacations are the best option for escaping the hectic or chaotic routine. No matter how daunting it might seem, you’ll never regret taking a vacation with your family.

So here we are, committed to making things easy for you with some tips to plan the perfect family vacation.

1. Pick your destination

It’s challenging to decide where to take the whole family on vacation. So start by listing the things that everyone likes doing individually and collectively. It helps narrow down if your family’s idea of a good time is going on hikes, seeing museums, or just relaxing on the beach. Then, consider locations with beautiful scenery, a wide range of activities, relaxing spots, and delicious food.

Another good way of picking a vacation destination is to choose a famous one you know won’t disappoint. According to US travel news, some famous family-friendly vacation points include Orlando, Maui, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, and more. Picking a famous vacation spot saves you from arguments and indecisiveness.

2. Book your accommodation

Your choice of accommodation can make your trip memorable or a memory you’d like to forget. So after you’ve decided on your travel destination, book your accommodation accordingly and as soon as possible. For example, if you’ve decided on a mountain getaway in Gatlinburg to go to The Great Smoky Mountains or want a beach vacation in Maui, all these famous spots get their accommodations booked fast. So make your booking at one of the large cabins Smoky Mountains offers for your family as soon as possible, or you’ll spend way too much at a hotel or not even find anything you like.

Don’t make your family angry at you for the entire trip by choosing the wrong one if you’re in charge of sorting the accommodation.

3. Start saving up

Your vacation options will expand in proportion to the time you have to save money for it, and the amount of money you put into the savings account each month. Determine a reasonable amount to save, either on your own or as a family, and stick to it. One of the best things about saving is that the sooner you start, the sooner you reach your goal.

4. Budget

The essential factor while planning your perfect family vacation is your budget. Don’t rush because you’ll miss that glorious meteor shower. Instead, make your vacation wallet-friendly and make a vacation budget before you schedule your trip.

Your air tickets and accommodation will cost you the most. Hotel fares go down during the week because not many people check in hotels during that period. You may score a discount if you book for two nights or more. If you’re at a place offering cabins for the entire family, go with that option, as it will cost you much less.

Furthermore, purchasing food at the airport can be extremely expensive and put a dent in your budget before your journey begins. So pack a lunch or bring something to munch on before you catch your flight.

The ideal way to cover your expenditures during a vacation is to make payments with a debit or a prepaid Visa card. This way, you will completely control how you spend your money. But also carry a credit card with you. You will be surprised by how many emergencies you will find yourself in.

5. Don’t Overpack

We understand that vacations are the most exciting part of the year, and going with your family means there will be a lot of stuff to take. Therefore, your packing list must include essentials only.

Try not to overburden yourself with heaps of clothes, and be prepared to repeat some of your outfits. Saving space in your bag is the best hack for packing. Efficiently fold your clothes. And a genius tip is to put heavy items at the bottom and essentials that you will need as soon as you reach your destination at the top. Oh, and shampoos, moisturizers, etc., in plastic bags if you don’t want to ruin your stuff. Rolling instead of folding your clothes is another excellent way to save space.

6. Plan excursions in advance

Just as you book your trip well in advance, you should also plan ahead about your activities and excursions. By preparing in advance, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly when you arrive.

So you should reserve tickets for shows, performances, and attractions in advance. Have your children help you plan your trip by sharing ideas for things to do when you arrive. Because of this, you won’t waste money on something they aren’t interested in. Consider how many tours you’d want to reserve while keeping in mind there would also be a lot of sightseeing and activities your accommodation would offer.

7. Don’t forget to relax

Vacations can be stressful if you don’t allow yourself some leeway. Try not to pack too much into each day, even if you have a lot of kid-friendly activities in mind (such as visiting a zoo, amusement park, or even just the local downtown area). Consider not only the time it will take to get from one location to another but also any delays that may occur.

Leave some downtime between these events so that you may rest, maybe go back to the hotel to change clothes. According to their children’s ages, parents will be the greatest judge of how many activities their children can handle. Don’t force your children to participate in activities if they seem irritable.


When you pack for your next family trip, it’s important to remember that the primary purpose of vacations is for families to bond through shared experiences, but there are additional, lasting benefits. Spending just a few days in a new and relaxing setting may do wonders for your state of mind, physical health, and spiritual well-being. Once you and your family return to reality, you will be able to be more present for your children because you will be healthier and more at peace with yourself.

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