Don’t Call Him Father Christmas: C.C. Benison’s Inadvertent Sleuth

by Sharon Tucker

Had a little trouble letting go of this past Christmas season? Me too. One of the ways I’ve eased myself on into this uncertain New Year is by reading C.C. Benison (aka Doug Whiteway), the Canadian author of Twelve Drummers Drumming (2011), Eleven Pipers Piping (2012) and Ten Lords A-Leaping (2013). They didn’t make my wish to hang on to the Christmas season come true, since none in the series so far have been set during Christmas, but Benison’s Fr. Tom Christmas is such a gentle, intelligent soul that I felt I would be safe with him newly settled in the small town of Thornford Regis in England’s West Country as he heals himself and his daughter by becoming a part of the life of the village. Ironic really since Fr.