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Seven Mistakes People Make When Traveling to a Foreign Country

by staff

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable leisure and recreational activities to refresh and re-energize yourself. However, being careless in making your trips, especially in foreign countries, would jeopardize your enjoyment. To avoid this, check these seven common mistakes people make when traveling. Consider these when you are planning your trips.

Tips For Traveling To Europe On A Budget

by staff

Are you interested in traveling abroad at some point in the future? If you’re from the United States, you’ll definitely want to think about visiting Europe at least once in your lifetime. Europe is full of English speakers and this will make your travels far more enjoyable.

New York, New York

by Margaret Mendel

The most frequently asked question of a New Yorker is, “Where do you go for fun, entertainment and relaxation?” As if we kept a list of secret spots.
I’d like to tell them, “We wait until all the tourists go home and then we come out to play.” But, truthfully, no one can avoid the hordes of visitors and New Yorkers go about their business no matter how crowded the city becomes.