The Excursions

Rogue Festival Reviews: Return of the Son of One Hit Wonders

by Terrance McArthur

One Hit Wonders—Bands that had one song that you heard every time you turned on the radio…and then you never heard from them again. The Excursions assembled almost forty of them for their Return of the Son of One Hit Wonders Rogue show. They can’t play all of them in an hour, but they pick and choose a collection of about twenty of them for each show, and each performance has a different mix.

The Excursions Have Arrived! Fresno’s Rogue Festival 2015

by Jeff Single

Two years ago, we ran an article here about the Fresno musical group The Excursions, who had restructured their lineup and were incorporating rich and diverse new material, and new musicians. Their show featured selections that showcased strong instrumentals and standout vocal harmonies. For this year's Rogue Festival, the group will be performing at Veni Vidi Vici in the heart of the Tower District, and has something a little different planned than in previous Rogues.

Rogue Reviews 2014

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews of Rogue shows! Check back daily! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! To check out our Rogue preview article & some Rogue performer preview articles go to our Arts & Entertainment section. So far we have reviews here of Super Rock n Roll Magic Show, A Folk Rock Celebration, The Awkward Art of Flying, State Your Name For the Record, Sinatra & Sax, The Agony of Living, The Excursions, The Road to High Street, Can Death be Staid by a Catchy Chorus, The Dark Fantastic, Bromance, Downtown Fresno Blues, Nightmare In Bakersfield, Flying Dreams: a Vaudevillian Tragicomedy, Rockin’ the Rogue, Part 2, Out of Bounds, Opera Frantique: Pescalla in Concert, Partial Nugity & The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over.

The Excursions Rock The Tower For Rogue Festival 2013!

by Woody Moise
& Jeff Single

This year the Fresno's annual Rogue Festival includes the debut performance of The Excursions (formerly Cool Reflection), with five shows during the first week of March. This multi-instrumental group plays classic rock, reggae, blues and Americana with a jazzy, improvisational touch. Original tunes and select covers, interpreted in a fresh way, feature dynamic interplay between instruments and complex vocal harmonies.