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The Cat

by Sandra Murphy

The last six months of Jillian Hart’s life in Mercy, South Carolina has been sheer bliss. Newly married to police chief Tom Stewart, they have blended Jillian’s Abyssinian Syrah, Himalayan Chablis, Maine Coon Merlot, and Tom’s diabetic tabby Dashiell into one sublime feline family. Jillian always makes herself available to support a cat cause, so she doesn’t hesitate when Mercy Animal Sanctuary’s owner Shawn Cuddahee asks for help. This time though, it’s to act as a buffer between himself and Chester Winston, the county animal control officer with a restraining order against Shawn that prevents him from making a welfare check on a woman and her wandering cats.


by Cyntha Chow

With a one-week countdown until her wedding to security expert Tom Stewart, Jillian Harte is beginning to feel the pressure. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have time for what’s truly important to her though, and at the top of that list is helping Tom’s stepson adopt the cat shelter feline who has stolen his heart. Not only is the mischievous Magpie an escape artist, but the adorable tortoise kitty is a kleptomaniac sneak thief with a secret stash of lost mementos and oddities. Her latest escapades prove to be far more alarming than cute when they discover Magpie covered in blood and wrapped around a mysterious locket.


by Cynthia Chow

When Jillian Hart took on the assignment of helping to remove a colony of feral cats from Mercy, South Carolina’s abandoned Lorraine Stanley Textile Mill, she was expecting the heartache and difficulty of confronting cats too wild to live with humans but lack the instincts to survive completely on their own. What is unexpected is the discovery of a human living amidst the feral cats, all the more shocking for it being Clara Jeanne Sloan, a woman long since gone missing after her own daughter’s disappearance.


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