New Band Director Lee Schneider at Reedley High School

by Asami Nelson

A new band director is welcomed into the Big Green Marching Machine as Lee Schneider makes her way into Reedley High School from Rock Valley, Iowa. She previously taught middle school bands in the Rock Valley Community School District where she spent most of her time teaching small group lessons or even individual ones. Schneider earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and her Master’s in Clarinet Performance from the University of South Dakota.

Local Teacher Profile: Reedley High School Teacher Kathryn Connolly

by Asami Nelson

The foundation of all life on Earth derives from subatomic particles that form molecules and compounds, which then combine with others to form cells, organs, and organisms. This branch of science can be tricky to understand and more complicated to apply in real life, but chemistry and biology teacher Kathryn Connolly helps students comprehend the aspects of molecular and biological chemistry.

Immanuel High School Teacher Profile: Ryan Alcoser

by Camryn Orosco

The first week of this school year Mr. Ryan Alcoser had all of his students participate in a competition to see who could build the highest tower out of spaghetti, tape, and string. At the time, it was an exciting, albeit frustrating, activity, but students had difficulty understanding its purpose or application to school. It was only in hindsight that students realized they had been "tricked" into learning.

Immanuel English Teacher Mimi Kriegbaum is An Inspiration

by Lauren Tashjian

Seven years ago, Immanuel High School hired a new addition to the English department. Now one of the main English teachers on campus, Mimi Kriegbaum has become an inspiration to more than a few students, including myself. Before Immanuel, she taught kindergarten in Cutler, Ca, and transitioning from small children to young adults seemed to be the best decision for her.