Sunnyside Bicycles

Sunnyside Bicycles: Best Buddies Challenge Weekend

by Vanessa McCracken

Did you feel a spark two weekends ago, a sudden surge in energy that came out of nowhere? The Best Buddies Central Valley team participated in the Best Buddies Challenge Weekend at Hearst Castle, September 8-9. The experience was positively electric, so electric that I bet everyone back home in the Valley could feel the buzz! Seventy riders represented our beautiful Central Valley at one of Best Buddies’ largest fundraising events, and we made our presence felt.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Life Lessons From My Bicycle

by Vanessa McCracken

I tore my Achilles tendon in early May, which means I’ve been off the bike for a few months now. When people find out, they invariably ask, “Oh, do you miss riding?” Yes, of course I do! But luckily, my bike has taught me a few lessons over the years, and I think I’m handling the situation pretty well.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Summer Fun!

by Vanessa McCracken

Happy Summer! After the unusually rainy start to 2017, many of you are probably just now pulling your bikes out of the garage for the first time this year. Whether you’re getting your bikes ready for neighborhood bike rides, camping trips, or to escape the heat and ride the trails in Central Coast, I have a few recommendations to help you have the safest, most enjoyable experience possible.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Cyclofemme

by Vanessa McCracken

“I, Vanessa, swear to invest my energy, strength, and passion to inspire one more woman to ride a bike. I believe in the power of the pedal for positive social change; for building a healthier, happier, smarter world. I pledge to be an ambassador of the bicycle; to HONOR the past; CELEBRATE the present; EMPOWER the future of women in cycling. I promise to start the revolution; to live the change I want to see; to rally another to ride with me.”

Sunnyside Bicycles & 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride

by Vanessa McCracken

Sunnyside Bicycles and Xcelerate Fitness have partnered up once again to host the 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride on April 29, 2017! Join us for fun, food, and fitness as we come together to say thank you to the police department for all they do to support the community. The festivities start at 9:30 a.m. at Xcelerate Fitness in Reedley—555 I Street.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Enjoying the Ride, Riding in a Group

by Vanessa McCracken

Spring is my favorite time of year to ride my bike in the Central Valley. The weather is ideal and the views are amazing. Riding in the recent Blossom Bike Ride out of Reedley, I was mesmerized by all the blossoms, wildflowers, green hills, snowcapped mountains, and flowing rivers, creeks and streams. Being outside and able to soak in all that gorgeousness from my bike is as good as it gets for me!