Sunnyside Bicycles & 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride

Apr 22, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Community, Reedley News

by Vanessa McCracken

IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: We just found out that this event has been canceled sorry.

Sunnyside Bicycles and Xcelerate Fitness have partnered up once again to host the 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride on April 29, 2017! Join us for fun, food, and fitness as we come together to say thank you to the police department for all they do to support the community. The festivities start at 9:30 a.m. at Xcelerate Fitness in Reedley—555 I Street.

We originally partnered with Xcelerate Fitness for this ride last year after the Reedley Police Department went above and beyond to find and return a stolen bike to us. We have been in business many, many years and have never had anyone take our break-in as personally as the Reedley PD did. We were touched by how genuinely upset they were, and how committed they were to tracking down our bike and returning it to us. It’s hard to adequately express gratitude for a gesture of such magnitude, but we thought a toy drive (and bike ride, because that’s what we do) would at least pay it forward a bit. “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”


From last year’s event

The Rides
We’ll have two bike ride options that morning. The short, family bike ride will be a slow roll lead by staff from Xcelerate Fitness and will take advantage of Reedley’s beautiful bike trail. This ride would be perfect for families or anyone who’s been waiting for the perfect excuse to pull their bike out of the garage! The slightly longer fitness bike ride will be a 20-mile, no-drop ride (i.e., nobody is left behind) lead by me and my husband, John, and will travel along the gorgeous countryside to St. Joseph’s Church in Selma and back. This ride is perfect for anyone who does spin class and wants to take it outside or for riders looking for a way to squeeze in some miles for a good cause. Both rides are free to join so let’s show up in big numbers and show the police department how much they mean to the community!


From last year’s event

The Toy Drive
As part of this event, Sunnyside Bicycles and Xcelerate Fitness are also holding a toy drive all month to collect items to give to the police department to distribute to the community. Donors will be entered into a raffle, and prize winners will be pulled after the ride on April 29. Get one entry into the raffle for each toy, stuffed animal, or book you donate—the more you donate, the better your odds! sunnyside

Donations may be dropped off at either Sunnyside Bicycles or Xcelerate Fitness Reedley any time before April 29. Imagine how much joy will be spread throughout the community as the officers hand out the toys, books, and stuffed animals! Together, we can help make a difference.

Food + Prizes
After the bike ride, join us for snacks and drinks back at Xcelerate Fitness as we pull the winners of the Toy Drive raffle prizes. We’ll have the ice cream truck there again with free ice cream for all the riders, and plenty of other yummy snacks, too.

Xcelerate Fitness
555 I Street
Reedley, CA
(559) 638-2300

Sunnyside Bicycles
6105 E. Kings Canyon Rd.
Fresno, CA
(559) 255-7433 (RIDE)

Watch for Sunnyside Bicycles column every month here at KRL! And learn more on their website.

Vanessa McCracken co-owns Sunnyside Bicycles with her husband, John McCracken. She is a graduate of Barnett’s Bicycle Institute and is a BBI-certified bicycle repair technician, as well as a League of American Bicyclists-certiifed League Cycling Instructor. She loves bikes!


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