Sunny Frazier

All Signs Point to Murder By Connie di Marco: Review/Giveaway/Astrology Chat With Sunny Frazier

by Cynthia Chow

Being a best friend means being supportive through thick and thin, especially when called upon to be a bridesmaid. Julia Elizabeth Bonatti has been helping her college best friend Geneva Leary prepare for her wedding in Sonoma, in spite of the frantic demands of the wedding planner and the disappearance of the bride’s sister. Moira Leary does eventually appear —intoxicated and a bit worse for wear—but it is the coordinator Sally Stark who collapses after the ceremony.

Final Forecast: A Mystery Short Story

by Sunny Frazier

"Blame it on El Niño," my husband said, as he packed his valise.
But I was more inclined to blame the storm clouds hanging over our marriage on Nina, the weather-girl-in-training at the Fresno television station where Doug worked as a meteorologist. I had no recourse but to watch the man slide out of my life like one of those hillside houses in San Francisco.

True Confections: A Valentine’s Day Mystery Short Story

by Sunny Frazier

Except for that one incident with the Godiva chocolates, my marriage would have been perfect.
My wife wasn't beautiful, but she was intelligent and rich, qualities a man looks for when he climbs the corporate ladder. My marriage had survived the seven-year-itch twice before I hired Marvella to be my secretary. She had a figure that would make any man re-think his marriage vows.