Rogue 2015

Rogue Reviews 2015

by Terrance Mc Arthur
Joshua Taylor,
& Lorie Lewis Ham

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews of Rogue shows! Check back daily! So far you can find here reviews for The Devil You Know, The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour, First Men of Promise Rocking the Rogue Part 3, If and When, The Road to High Street, Acts of Affordable Care, A One-Way Ticket to Crazy Town, Best Picture, How To Be Wicked, Ananka Belly Dancers: The Best of Oscar, Switch Back, Shadows in Bloom, Lonestar, Still Shopping For God, Animal Love, Flower Tome Companion, Breaking Bange, Play It Like Virgil, Beers About Songs, Ashes, Check Please, Dancing in the Mist, Fallen, Shame the Devil and Pass the Nails, Spencer/Morris Group, Greatest Hits: 2004-2014, Victory for the Recycled Virgin, Boxcar Figaro, A Girl’s Guide to War, and Rites of Passage, Belly Dance Coalition of the San Joaquin Valley.

Rogue Teaser Show

by Terrance Mc Arthur

In a little more than 90 minutes, I saw bits and pieces of more than 30 shows that will be on the stages of the 2015 Rogue Festival around the Tower District and Downtown Fresno. Each taste of the Rogue was a two-minute tidbit, a morsel tempting the cultural taste buds. There was only one problem—this was only half of the Rogue roster. Between February 27 and March 7, how could you see more than 60 different shows spread across nine venues?
You can’t, unless you’re friends with a certain Dr. Brown and have the keys to his time-traveling DeLorean. Since you probably aren’t able to bend the space-time continuum, maybe I can suggest a few shows to see, based on what I saw at the Teaser show and the track record of some of the other acts.

The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour at Rogue 2015

by Haydell Sisters

The Famous Haydell Sisters, Mattie and Maybelle, have held a special place in the hearts of country music fans since the early '90s. Now, over twenty years since their last concert, they are reuniting at last. The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour, playing at The Voice Shop during the 2015 Rogue Festival, reveals a pair of former teen stars, now tarnished with the patina of maturity after paying the debts of fame. But who were Mattie and Maybelle Haydell?

The Excursions Have Arrived! Fresno’s Rogue Festival 2015

by Jeff Single

Two years ago, we ran an article here about the Fresno musical group The Excursions, who had restructured their lineup and were incorporating rich and diverse new material, and new musicians. Their show featured selections that showcased strong instrumentals and standout vocal harmonies. For this year's Rogue Festival, the group will be performing at Veni Vidi Vici in the heart of the Tower District, and has something a little different planned than in previous Rogues.

Best Picture At Rogue 2015

by Kurt Fitzpatrick

In the one hour span of this comedy romp, all eighty?seven Academy Award winning films are lampooned, from Wings to On the Waterfront to Silence of the Lambs. Even Schindler’s List and 12 Years a Slave must be done to comedic effect. Can it be done? Order up a heaping bucket of hot buttered popcorn, a box of Raisinets the size of a DeLorean, grab a comfy seat, and find out. And live theatre is ALWAYS in 3?D!!

Highway 41 – You Need This Pleasant Break: Rogue 2015

by Sari Miller

Melding two voices and two guitars, Highway 41 returns to the Rogue Festival and Spectrum Art Gallery having earned sold-out performances and glowing reviews in 2014. With new material augmenting their familiar folk repertoire, their playlist is inspired by the viewscapes along Highway 41, from the foothills to the ranges and the coast, stories in song that paint a pleasant picture of the Valley.



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