Private Spies: A Jesse Morgan Mystery By P.J. Nunn: Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

When Jesse Morgan joined her childhood friend Joey Catronio at Private Spies, she hired on for the private parking space, a business card, and the mostly legal duties of tracking down anyone through her computer skills while wearing jeans and cowboy boots. After Joey’s death, Jesse inherited the private investigation business. Even though she feels she’s drowning in inexperience, Jesse takes on Beverly Gafford, who wants to locate her ex-husband Lawrence, who she claims has stolen their daughter.

The Desert P.I.: A Mystery Short Story

by Guy Belleranti

Private eye Abby Adams set down her salad fork and stared across the table at Saguaro County Sheriff Al Moreno. “Al, are you seriously asking for my help on one of your cases?”
The big Arizonan scowled. “Let’s just say I’m requesting your input. You’ve got a knack for spotting things–even if you did choose being a PI over a cop.