New Zealand

Arm Chair Research

by Gregor Pratt

When finishing my first novel Ebola Island, I decided to write myself to New Zealand by having my two protagonists plan to marry and live there. I could then travel to and explore New Zealand and expense part of my trip as legitimate research for my second novel. Well, that was my plan.

AcornTV Streaming: The Brokenwood Mysteries (Season Six)

by Kathleen Costa

With repetitive news, baseball only in spring training mode, and Hallmark Christmas movies shelved, most might find limited choices for entertainment. Not me! I am not at a loss for entertainment with AcornTV airing classic and contemporary dramas, comedies, movies, and documentaries varied in style, era, and mood. For a monthly fee comparable to the price of a caramel macchiato, I can stream my favorites and some new finds anywhere my iPad or iPhone has a signal...which for me has been everywhere from doctor offices to waiting in line at Starbuck’s drive-thru. From England to Scotland, Wales to Ireland, Down Under to North of the Border, I love my streaming options!