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Neighborhood Watch

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Have you ever been involved with Neighborhood Watch? If not, ever wonder what they are all about? As part of our series on Reedley, we took a moment to speak with the Reedley PD about Neighborhood watch. We chatted with Cyndee Friesen, Police Liaison Officer.


Rogue Reviews 2018!


FROM THE 2018 Articles,
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andTerrance V. Mc Arthur,

by KRL Staff

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back several times a day! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! So far we have reviews of Hotter Than Potter, Babe in the Hollywood, The Paranormal Pair, Meddle to the Petal , ASS or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bong, Neighborhood Watch, S’Will, School of Fish, Bikeface, Mansplaining, Does Fresno Get Into Your Stuff?, The Sibyl of Mars, The Dish, Magical Mystery Detour, Flower Tome Companion, Jeans and Jazz, Street Magic Live!, Standardize This!, State Your Name for the Record, Figmentally Yours, That Kidney Show, Aim for the Heart, Walking While Black in Moscow, & Bring It On Down to My House.

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by Cheryl Senn

“Community Watch, Block Watch, Neighborhood Watch, Apartment Watch, Crime Watch – no matter what it’s called, this is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime,” states the first lines on the Starting a Community Watch handout that is included in the Sanger Community Watch Program (SCWP) informational packet.


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