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by Clea Simon

My new book, Hold Me Down, is set in the rock music world. My protagonist Gal is an older woman who, decades before, was a rock star for a brief and shining moment. She was also a heavy drinker and a little bit crazy for reasons that I hope are made apparent in the course of the story.


by Staff

Everyone has their preferences of music genres, distinct musicians, and instruments. While some might blast rock songs on their speakers, some would prefer playing trance music on their headset, and others would love dancing to pop tunes; and so on. Fortunately, for those who love harmonies and mixtures of different voices with alternative tones – there are music bands!


by Lorie Lewis Ham

We are on vacation this week to do some more much needed maintenance. But don’t worry we will be back October 9 with another full issue. We will still be posting some midweek articles next week.


The Big Fresno Fair Back In Person

IN THE September 25 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andArts & Entertainment,
andLorie Lewis Ham,

by Lorie Lewis Ham

It is almost time for the Big Fresno Fair again, and it will be back in person this year October 6-17; however, nothing is as it once was. We chatted with Lauri King about this year’s fair and what it is going to be like. Lauri is Deputy Manager II with the Big Fresno Fair.


Live with LaVida: A Local Band Q&A

IN THE September 11 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andSarah Peterson-Camacho

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Becoming a band in the middle of a pandemic might seem like a long shot to some, but to the members of Fresno band LaVida, it’s been more of a sure shot instead. Weaving together a variety of musical styles and beats, vocalist/bassist Jared Cato, guitarist Christian Viscarra, and drummer Miguel Padilla have crafted a genre of their very own.


by staff

Music is one of the universal cultural aspects of human society. It has evolved from one century to another. It is one of the most prominent parts of human life and used in various activities, from religious rituals to clubs and weddings. Music is everywhere around us, be it in gyms, restaurants, parties, pubs, and other recreational activities.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

In honor of Pride this month, we wanted to again interview a local LGBTQ+ performer like we did last year, so we reached out to local actor, singer, and so much more, Lilly Dale Read.


by Sandra Murphy

The anthology kicks off with Why Judy Why written by Robert Lopresti. Judith finds herself sitting in a police interrogation room, being grilled by two detectives. She seems cooperative enough about what she’s done, but the detectives aren’t clear about one thing: motive. They keep asking, “Why, Judy, why?”, but even if she tells them, they’ll never understand.


by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

For as long as she can remember, Fresno musician and actress Rebecca Potts has been creating and performing her own music. And from appearing on Netflix to performing the National Anthem for the NFL, she’s not about to let the pandemic bring her down. Kings River Life recently spoke with Potts about her time on TV, the release of her first single, “Like Home,” and how the challenges of living through the pandemic have spurred her creativity to new heights.


by Terrance McArthur

Virtual Rogue Festival has one more weekend to enjoy some great shows virtually! Just like Rogue is different this year, we are posting our reviews differently this year–we won’t be posting them all together, though they will still be in groups. Here is our second group of reviews!


by Mallory Moad

Virtual Rogue Festival has one more weekend to enjoy some great shows virtually! Just like Rogue is different this year, we are posting our reviews differently this year–we won’t be posting them all together, though they will still be in groups. Here is our first group of reviews!


by Mark Nunis

I Sit On My Arse & Play Piano isn’t just the name of my Rogue Festival debut, it’s what I do for a living, almost every day for over twenty-five years. You see, I’m a professional piano bar entertainer. My show will be funny, a bit cheeky, and will include a collection of original songs and personal stories, like these…

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by Melanie Gall

In 2013, I first performed my French music cabaret, Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert at the Fresno Rogue festival. At that time it was a two-person show, and the two weeks I spent at the Rogue fest were two of the best weeks of my life, with a whirl of breakfast parties with Marcel, late-night doughnuts in the Tower District, and more sun that a girl from Northern Alberta usually gets in March.


by Steven Sanchez

Having worked in the music industry for the past five years, I can guarantee that every person employed in the field had the same reaction I did when the pandemic happened:…s***! Once the virus hit and the lockdown went into effect, the immediate activity banned was concerts. How can it not? All those people in an arena or bunched up in a club. So the venues shutdown, and the promoters, roadies, techs, staff, and musicians were left scratching their heads. How would the music industry be able to thrive when the outlet that makes the artists and record labels money—which is touring—was eradicated?


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