Thought Wings Onward: Mystery Short Story


by Barry H. Wiley

"You're John Randall Brown, the mentalist, aren't you?"
Surprised, I looked up from being lost in a Jorge Luis Borges short story. My career has not yet included much television or cable work–not from any lack of effort however–so that recognition by a stranger was still a novel experience. I nodded. It had been about an hour of relaxing quiet since take-off from Seattle

The Cry of Sister Angel A John Randall Brown Mystery Short Story


by Barry H. Wiley

Like every professional mind reader, I strive for projecting belief, legitimacy, into my audiences. So I polish my ‘powers’ in several ways to keep the juices flowing. There has been an average of 3.64 elevators in the hotels and inns in which I have stayed over the last twelve months. Each time I use an elevator I exercise my offbeat talents by putting them to a test that can be immediately verified and recorded. It also ensures that my own belief mechanism is kept on a constant low simmer.

Fall 2013 in Mystery TV

by Jesus Ibarra

Beginning its ninth (possibly its final) season, Booth and Brennan are stronger than ever. Finally, getting together and making a baby in the last two seasons was the creative jolt this show needed to keep long time fans happy. Not only that, but also this season is the season where marriage finally happens unless producers are teasing us in a cruel way.