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by Sandra Murphy

Britt Ickles is in town for a conference. She was last here as a small child and vividly remembers Timmy, a boy about her age. She visits her elderly aunts, but they tell her Timmy is a figment of her imagination. Britt hires Jane Lawless to investigate.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Idyll Fears by Stephanie Gayle is the second book in her mystery series featuring gay Chief of Police Thomas Lynch. The books are set in the small town of Idyll, Connecticut in the late 1990s.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

I am excited this week to have a chance to chat with Brian Poth, the Founder and Executive Director and Nick Vargas, the Founder and Board Chair, of The Source LGBT+ Center in Visalia. I have been wanting to learn more about them and what they do for awhile after seeing all of their posts on Facebook, and I’m happy to be able to share that chat with you!


by Lorie Lewis Ham

After I reviewed the web series Leap Year, I was contacted by Kelsey Rauber, one of the creators of the web series Kelsey. She asked if I’d consider reviewing their show. Always on the lookout for another good web series, I headed over to check it out.


Pushing Toward 2012

IN THE February 4 ISSUE

FROM THE 2012 Articles,

by Justin Kamimoto

In 2011, strives have been made in the LGBT+ community to continually push for improvements – improvements in organizations providing resources, improvements to equal rights, improvements in creating safe and supportive environment for our youth.


by Gloria Feit

Gloria Feit reviews mystery author Val McDermid’s latest U.S. release Trick of the Dark & The Retribution, which will be released here in January 2012.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

As the Reel Pride Film Festival in Fresno celebrates its twenty second year, the festival organizers have made an extra effort to bring in local youth to the festival. One of the things they have done toward that effort is to bring on board Clovis youth Justin Kamimoto as outreach coordinator. Reel Pride runs from September 14 through 18.

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