The Guild: Web Series Review

by Jessica Ham

Are you a gamer? Are you a geek? Do you like quality writing? If any of those apply to you, then you will love The Guild. The Guild is a web series created/written/starring the web-famous redhead, Felicia Day (who was also in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible). The series is about a group of gamers who are in a guild called The Knights of Good. A guild is a group of people in an online role-playing game who take care of each other and depend on one another for their success in the game.

The Hashtag: A Place to Create 24 Hours A Day

by Tom Sims

No one is quite sure of the origin and no one owns the word, but a “hashtag” is hash mark (#) followed by a word used as a type of bookmark in social media, most notably Twitter. It facilitates cross pollination and collaboration of ideas by creating groupings and words. It creates space in cyberspace where ideas can grow. It is a new word in a world of new words, concepts, and constant change.

Fantasy Baseball & Other Sports

by Larry Ham

Have you ever fantasized about being the manager of a major league baseball team, and sending Albert Pujols up to the plate with the game on the line? Or sending Drew Brees out to throw the winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl? Well, a lot of people have and that explains the phenomenal popularity of fantasy sports.