Immanuel Schools

The Night of January Sixteenth Immanuel Students Bring Ayn Rand’s Legal Drama to Life

by Camryn Orosco

Immanuel High School drama students are bringing the courtroom to the stage this spring, under the direction of Mr. Rick Robbins. They will be performing The Night of January Sixteenth, a legal drama written by Ayn Rand that takes place in 1930s New York City. It follows the three-day trial for the murder of Bjorn Faulkner, a wealthy businessman who may or may not have been honest and upstanding when he was alive.

Local Teacher Profile: Immanuel Teacher Josh Justin

by Breanna Wood

I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Josh Justin as a teacher for both Biology and Chemistry. I took Chemistry a year ago with a different teacher, and was not able to comprehend the material which led to me having to repeat the class. Mr. Justin was always willing to put in extra work with me on things I didn’t understand, and he helped me excel in every area of Chemistry.

New Campus for Immanuel Elementary

by Breanna Wood

The student population of Immanuel Elementary has been growing rapidly these last few years. The administration realized that more buildings were needed, or new students would have to be turned away due to lack of classroom space. Superintendent Ryan Wood stated, “The enrollment growth was happening very fast, and we knew if it continued, which we projected it would, we would need more classrooms.”

Christmas Concerts at Immanuel Schools

by Breanna Wood

Immanuel Schools has a long-standing tradition of performing the “All Is Well” Choir Concert during the holiday season, featuring all choir members grades 7-12. The name “All Is Well” was given to this performance in honor of the song, “All is Well,” that is sung every year to wrap up the performance, and welcome you into a holiday season centered on Christ.

Into the Woods At Immanuel High School

by Breanna Wood

Into The Woods is a musical mashup of four timeless fairy tales: Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood. The story of The Baker and His Wife was also created to tie all these fairytales together. James Lapine, the author, and Stephen Sondheim, the composer of this masterpiece, took classic stories and combined aspects of them turning it into a suspenseful play that is known for its turn of events and excitable storyline.

New Water Polo Team at Immanuel

by Amber Carter

The 2016-2017 school year started less than three months ago, and growth and new beginnings are already in place at Immanuel Schools. From the capital campaign to the building of the new elementary, the school year holds much promise. One addition in particular was the introduction of water polo to the athletics program.

Local Teacher Profile: Immanuel Teacher Jordan Laemmlen

by Amber Carter

The 2015-2016 school year at Immanuel has been one of growth and development. The High school, Junior high, and Elementary school have all expanded in technology use, watched the building of a new sports complex, and welcomed new faculty. One new staff member in particular, is the new Junior High and Elementary Performing Arts Director, Jordan Laemmlen. An Immanuel alumnus of 2011, Laemmlen graduated from Vanguard University in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Theater Arts, and a music minor.

The Great and Powerful Oz Comes to Immanuel

by Amber Carter

Immanuel High School's choir department is performing The Wizard of Oz for their 2016 Spring Musical. The cast stars Seniors and Annie Regier as Glinda the Good Witch and Aunt Em. Both students participated and performed in Immanuel’s Chamber Choir's fall performance of The Secret Garden. The ensemble for Oz comprises of the chamber choir, concert choir, men's and women's choir, and elementary and junior high choirs. Director Rick Robbins chose this show to give as many students as possible the ability to perform and gain show experience as well as great memories.

Local Landmarks: Part 1 Immanuel Schools

by Jim Bulls

Whenever you enter Reedley, from whatever direction, there are a multitude of landmarks reminding you that this is your hometown. Over the next few months, I’m going to be writing about at least three local landmarks. Some of them have the (dubious) honor of appearing about the same time I came to Reedley, but more about those later. I’m going to start with Immanuel Schools.