Local Teacher Profile: Immanuel Teacher Jordan Laemmlen

Apr 2, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Education, Theatre

by Amber Carter

The 2015-2016 school year at Immanuel has been one of growth and development. The High school, Junior high, and Elementary school have all expanded in technology use, watched the building of a new sports complex, and welcomed new faculty. One new staff member in particular, is the new Junior High and Elementary Performing Arts Director, Jordan Laemmlen. An Immanuel alumnus of 2011, Laemmlen graduated from Vanguard University in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Theater Arts, and a music minor.

As a high school student, he starred in both The Music Man and The Wizard of Oz, traveled with the Chamber Choir, and participated in drama. Now, four years later, he is excited to be back as a teacher to share his love of the arts with current students. “I’ve always loved Immanuel; there’s something special about this place,” Laemmlen says. “Here at Immanuel it’s encouraged to do theater, choir, football, and even basketball if you wanted. This school wants you to be involved in everything, and everyone support you.”


Jordan Laemmlen

A first-year teacher always needs support. Immanuel Schools Performing Arts Director Rick Robbins, Laemmlen says, has been an abundant source of help and inspiration in his growing and learning as a teacher. “He was such a great mentor when I was going to high school, and then became more of my friend when I left. He had a huge part in getting me to go for this job, and having him help me out is always fun.” Other staff members, such as Principal Kim Thiesen and the Music Department Assistant, John Schlesselman, have also given welcome encouragement in overcoming insecurities.

Kindergarten through eighth grade is a broad range of students to get excited about music, but the kids have some things in common. “The kids always know whether you know what you’re doing or not. Be one step ahead of the kids, at least. If you’re ten steps ahead, that’s even better,” Laemmlen explains.

One thing that he has found to keep the students involved is to bring variety to the classroom. As he puts it, you can’t just lecture every day, and you can’t just sing every day, either. But even though teaching can be a challenge, he has been encouraged as his relationship with the students has grown throughout the year. “Just the fact that you get to preach the Gospel every day in the classroom—you can’t beat that,” Laemmlen says. “You get to really pray for these kids and walk life with them.”

In four years, a school can go through huge changes. Even though for Laemmlen it’s been transitioning from a student to a teacher, he is excited to watch and be a part of some of the other transitions. One huge advance has been the integration of technology into the classroom. In his view, the technology has heightened the school experience.
“Everything has just progressed so much. You can tell the kids are just so eager to learn.”

The other project he has been eagerly watching is the building of the new sports complex; he is excited about the opportunities it will provide for students. “If that had been here when I was in high school, I would’ve played baseball. I don’t even like baseball, but I would have played.”

First jobs after college can sometimes be a source of fear and anxiety, but for Jordan Laemmlen, it’s a joy and blessing. Immanuel has provided for him a place to grow as a person and also to watch his students grow, and to forge relations with coworkers. As his first year comes to a close in May, Laemmlen is excited to see how the program, and he himself, will change.

Amber Carter is a Junior at Immanuel High School who is involved in swimming, tennis, choir, and everything else she can manage.

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