Simple Ways to Refresh Your Mind And Body

by Jane Brown

Although you may enjoy the stimulation of keeping busy, enjoying the excitement of staying on top of diverse things from your career to orchestrating family, it’s also important to do nothing important at all, to just take time off for yourself, unwind, and reconnect with your family.

Fun Collectibles: Vintage Aprons

by Diana Bulls

When we think of aprons the image we usually get in our minds is of a mom or grandma wearing one while they cook something up for the family--maybe that's old fashioned but I think for most of us that's still the first image that comes to mind. So it seemed appropriate to talk about aprons on Mother's Day weekend! At the end of this article is a coupon for Valentino's Italian Restaurant in Reedley-so print it out and take mom for a great Italian meal this week!

What is Agility?

by Tara Wilson

Imagine stepping into a ring with your well trained dog and proceeding to spend the next several minutes mastering a course set up with teeter totters, a-frames, jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles.

RV Road Trip

by Penny Warner

I haven’t been camping in over twenty years. I have pictures of the kids, filthy from head to toe, as proof that I did go camping at least once. But the experience was so traumatic—all that dirt and those bugs and stuff—I swore the next time I went camping it would be at the Marriott—and I’d live without room service.

Reedley College Geek Squad to the Rescue

by Sean Stephens

Oh no! Your computer is running so slow! But where can you take it? There’s a Geek Squad in Fresno, and another in Visalia, but they are too far away, so do you just live with the slow? Many people do. The fact is, many people are more put off by the miles than by the thought of being without their computer for a few days.