Tower Health & Diet Foods

by Mallory Moad

I remember a time when yoga, meditation, whole grains, vitamins and herbal supplements were considered weird and hippie-trippy. Well, times have definitely changed. What once existed on the fringe of society has become mainstream and considered to be components of a healthy lifestyle. If your goal for 2017 is to improve or maintain your well-being, be it physical or mental, my friends at Tower Health and Diet Foods can answer your questions or offer guidance regarding your choices.

Basilwood – Healthy Eating Through the Skin

by Tom Sims

Imagine living off the land and inviting others to come and see how you live off the land and how they can too.
I first heard of Basilwood Farm through a Facebook post from Philip Blackburn. I had known Philip most of his life and he was marrying Shelby Spruance. Shelby’s parents, Kim and Jill had bought five acres on a hillside near Morgan Canyon Road and were creating a little piece of heaven on earth where they could raise their own meat, eggs, and vegetables and live with the beauty around them.

My Personal Food Journey: How We Look At Food

by Claire Lang

One of the most important tools I can think of when it comes to changing ones entire nutritional lifestyle is changing how one looks at food. I, like so many others, have always thought of food in the terms of hungry, full, or not hungry. Basically, food was only viewed as something to fill me.