The Haunted Palace: Wayward Spirits of a Bad-Luck Bordello

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho
Forty-eight hours before he was murdered, Percy Williams was living large on the last night of September, 1890.
The favorite son of a former Attorney General of California, Williams was all of 26 years old, wealthy, married, with an infant already in the ground, since the previous February—but here he was at the Palace, Stockton’s premier bordello, cozying up to madam Dora Russell on El Dorado Street…only several blocks from the mansion where his young wife Bessie slept alone in their cold marital bed.

Where Willows Weep: The Murder of Esther Lee Lewis and Her Afterlife

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

And there she was.
Almost exactly twenty-four hours after nine-year-old Esther Lee Lewis went missing on her walk to the school bus the morning of Tuesday, March 11, 1947, there she was. They found her beneath a weeping willow in a dry creek bed near the Kings River, blanketed in blackberry vines—dress torn, skull crushed.

Haunted Rails By Matthew L. Swayne: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Terrance Mc Arthur

In Haunted Rails: Tales of Ghost Trains, Phantom Conductors, and other Railroad Spirits, Matthew L. Swayne offers three-score tales of hauntings at train museums, stations, tunnels, bridges, and accident sites. The bibliography lists twice as many sources. This slim-ish volume is exhaustively researched, bringing together story as well as tales of hauntings from across the United States (even Hawaii gets a paranormal mention) and Canada.


by Margaret Mendel

Most people picture houses when they think of something haunted. They see dark, old creaky, rotting wooden stairways, and locked rooms that groan and whisper in deserted houses overgrown with weeds and twisted vines crawling up the sides of the walls. These are the places people usually think are haunted. I used to believe that too, but not any more.

Halloween on Van Ness

by Lorie Lewis Ham

For the last few years The First Congregational Church of Fresno, also known as the Big Red Church, has been presenting Halloween on Van Ness, Thrills and Chills Scary Music Concert—a fun night of Halloween music for the community and a way to help raise money for the restoration of their pipe organ.