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Fall Mystery Catchup!

IN THE September 25 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andCynthia Chow,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andSandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have more mysteries for your fall reading tbr-Knot Ready for Murder: A Quilting Mystery by Mary Marks, Murder, She Edited: A Deadly Edits Mystery by Kaitlyn Dunnett, Death in Daylesford: A Phryne Fisher Mystery by Kerry Greenwood, Death of a Red-Hot Rancher: A Love is Murder Mystery by Mimi Granger, and The Cider Shop Rules: A Cider Shop Mystery by Julie Anne Lindsey.


by Cynthia Chow

After spending ten days with Brooklyn Wainwright’s loving and eccentric family in the wine country of Dharma, she and her new husband Derek Stone are excited to be back at their home in San Francisco. Waiting there for the couple is a British first edition of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, mailed by Gwyneth Antiquities all the way from Oddlochen, Scotland. While this would be remarkable in itself, far more surprising that the tome has been sent not to book-restoration expert Brooklyn, but to security specialist and former spy Derek.


by Cleo Coyle

My husband and I have had plenty of ups and down, and we always try to put the pain, joy, and absurd humor of our daily lives into our novels. It’s one of the reasons readers tell us they’ve formed deep connections with our characters, especially our amateur sleuth, single mom and coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi, whose quirky adventures and complicated love life have helped us sell more than one million books in our Coffeehouse Mystery series.


by Kathleen Costa

Despite being part of Julienne’s work assignment, she and Mason, her now official boyfriend, jumped at the chance for a romantic getaway; many of their alone time rendezvous have been interrupted by family or friends, so being six hours away may be the buffer they need. Her boss, Chandler Carlton, recently purchased the Enchantment Canyon Resort, a “mind, body, and spirit wellness” retreat just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, and she has been tasked to train the staff on new operating procedures and software linking it to the Colorado facility. Milling around are guests taking advantage of the healthy activities, peaceful atmosphere, and the corporate facilities for team building and strategy meetings.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Bone Canyon is the second book in the Eve Ronin series written by Lee Goldberg. Eve is the youngest homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position many think that she hasn’t earned since she got the job after a video of her went viral. Because of this, she isn’t very popular among some of her coworkers.


by Kathleen Costa

Peaches Partin is the owner of Tranquility Wellness Spa, giving a variety of yoga classes from cool to “hot.” But when Bernie arrived to deliver the mail, she witnessed more trouble than tranquility. ‘I’m telling you to get out!” Sarah Hodge wasn’t much interested in yoga when Simon Little was with Peaches, but now that she’s his girlfriend, she is a regular participant. China Gordon, friend and clothing rep, figures it’s Sarah’s way to mess with Peaches…it’s working. But, Simon has other issues with his health and business, so who will law enforcement look at when Simon ends up murdered?


by Kathleen Costa

Some may not be what they seem. Harriette Pearl, one of the Front Porch Ladies, has had her sights on the very eligible Zeke Grey, letting everyone know about the “lovely scented” thank you note he sent her. However, Florence Gaines is keen on Zeke, too. Florence is the wealthiest woman in Sugar Creek Gap and doesn’t let an opportunity go by to flaunt it, her philanthropy, and with the Front Porch Ladies in attendance, makes sure they hear about the lunch date she is set to have with Zeke. Harriette’s reaction…bright green!


Would You Rather…


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Amy M. Reade

One of the best things about writing mysteries is the research I get to do. Who else has a job that lets them spend the day reading and learning about the gruesome and macabre and call it ‘work’? I’ve researched everything from what a dead body looks like four hours after a drowning… to poisons that can go for weeks undetected in the human body until the victim keels over… to centuries-old medical techniques and tools that we would find horrifying today.


by Sunny Frazier

While June brings sunshine into our lives, and possibly an end to quarantining, it also brings sad news of the loss of one of our authors. The rest of the titles are all new series for your summer reading.


by Cynthia Chow
& Larissa Reinhart

After child actress-turned reality star Maizie Albright crashed and burned through rehab and landed in handcuffs, she was given the choice of removing herself from the entertainment business entirely or going straight to jail. Maizie attempted to start over in Black Pine, Georgia, home of her newly discovered father and apprenticing under Private Detective Wyatt Nash.


by Terrance McArthur

I am a fan of Anne Bishop’s The Others series and The World of The Others. I enjoyed paranormal danger that could be fatal without being graphic, love with shapechangers that wasn’t sexual, and wry commentary on everything from prejudice to government. From the “Also By” lists, I knew that Bishop had other books and other worlds in her writing, but I had never read any of them. Oh, boy.


by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have another mystery review catchup for your shelter in place reading-Dead on the Vine: A Finn Family Farm Mystery by Elle Brooke White, Dead in the Doorway: A House-Flipper Mystery by Diane Kelly, and This Magick Marmot: An Abracadabra Mystery by Sharon Pape.


by Kathleen Costa

There’s a wedding, several women are on a dating app, an old classmate hard to remember appears, the book club meeting is on, and the bank just called…life is busy! But, “Nothing is normal in Normal” when Trudy Bull, everyone’s favorite waitress, is found dead at the diner. The diner was closed and she was suppose to be at the wedding, so it’s curious why she was even there. Robbery doesn’t seem plausible since her wallet is in tact and the diner had little on site, but her phone, the one she was never without, is missing.


by Lorie Lewis Ham
& Cleo Coyle

I am a huge fan of Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery series so I was very excited to read the new one, Brewed Awakening. Every time I read one of these books, I feel like I’m visiting my favorite coffee shop, and spending time with friends. I can almost smell the coffee!


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