Elaine Viets

Late for His Own Funeral By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

It’s not unusual for the guest of honor to be a late arrival to his own party, unless that event happens to be a funeral. Due to nepotism and shoddy investigation by corrupt detectives, Sterling Chaney was prematurely identified as the corpse in an automobile accident even though he was off vacationing in the Bahamas. His wife Camilla was not with him either in the car or on his illicit trip, so she’s not exactly thrilled to find him still carousing his way through his funeral.

Death Grip By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

It’s just another day on the job for Angela Richman for her to be traipsing through the Missouri Woods to examine human remains. As the Death Investigator for Chouteau County, Angela works for the medical examiner’s office gathering evidence for ongoing investigations. A hiker discovered a burial for what soon appears to be a murderer’s disposal site, and early clues have them identifying one of the bodies as that of a missing Forest High track star.

Marilyn Levinson’s Top 5 Mysteries I’ve Read During the Pandemic

by Marilyn Levinson aka
Allison Brook

Here is the latest installment of our new column, Top 5 Mysteries I Have Read During the Pandemic, this one from mystery author Marilyn Levinson (Allison Brook). As we continue to spend most of our time at home, we are all looking for book suggestions so we asked mystery authors and reviewers to share the top 5 mysteries they have read during this pandemic.

A Star is Dead By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

When scandalous 1960s celebrity actress Jessica Gray sails into Chouteau Forest, St. Louis, it’s as much as to hock her “Captivating” youth beauty line as it is to present her one-woman “Just Jessica” show at the Lux. Jessica arrives with an entourage that now includes Mario Garcia, a local St. Louis hairstylist and also one of Angela Richman’s best friends.

Play It Again

by Elaine Viets

Readers ask me about a scene or a character in my Dead-End Job mysteries: Why did this character have to die? How come the villain got away in that book?
I tell them, "I can't remember."
"Well, you wrote it," the readers say.

Fire and Ashes By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Elaine Viets

When geriatric financier Luther Ridley Delor goes up in flames along with his Chouteau Forest mansion, the wealthy Missouri community immediately condemns his twenty-year-old trophy fiancé. A viral video of a lecherous Luther drunkenly groping her the night before only makes the Mexican-American manicurist more of a suspect in the eyes of the police, who are quick to judge her based on their racist and elitist views. Having moved up the ladder by sucking up to politicians, Detective Ray Greiman epitomizes the worst of lazy cops, and Angela Richman is determined that Kendra Graciela Salvato not be railroaded right into prison.

Brain Storm By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Elaine Viets

As the death investigator for Chouteau County, Missouri, Angela Marie is the advocate for those who no longer have a voice. This is never more crucial than in a car crash involving Jillian and Jordan Hobart, nearly identical cousins and part of the illustrious Du Pres family. It is up to Angela to determine which beautiful young girl lies in the hospital, and which is in the morgue.