Hanna: Movie Review

by Jesus Ibarra

Hanna, starring Saoirse Ronan, is a revenge film that surprisingly has many layers to it, mostly because of the superb acting from Saoirse as Hanna and the object of her revenge, Cate Blanchet’s CIA Agent Marissa Wiegler. The film also benefits from an awesome electronic score that sets the mood for the action when it ramps up, or when the film slows down its pace. The directing also gives the film a unique atmosphere that just draws you in sometimes, making the film fast paced when it needs to be and slows it down when it has to.

Target Earth: 50s SciFi Movie Review

by Karen Lewis

Welcome to a brand new feature here at Kings River Life! I am a fan of 1950s sci-fi movies. A big fan. I guess it’s a hereditary thing. My late father was a fan of the same movies, so I got an early start. Thanks to DVD, I can now watch almost every sci-fi movie from the fifties, and they’re as much fun now as they were back then -- maybe more so!

Fringe: TV Review

by Jesus Ibarra

In the summer of 2009, Fox began airing strange and cryptic promos for a little show called Fringe. At the time, I had just finished watching all the seasons of The X-Files and saw these promos as something that would try to rip off the greatness that was The X-Files. The thing that gave me the urge to watch the show was that it was created by Lost, Alias, and Cloverfield mastermind J.J. Abrams.

ICarly: TV Show Review

by Jessica Ham

Television is all about sex and scandal these days and the kids’ shows are melting our children’s brains. It’s almost impossible to find a middle ground, but if you look hard enough you just might find one in ICarly on Nickelodeon. ICarly is clean, educational, and entertaining.