DiCicco’s Sanger

Great Food Search: Pandemic Rogue Food

by Terrance McArthur

The 2021 Fresno Rogue Festival has come and gone, it’s virtual shows departed, but I still have my memories...of food. Usually, I write about all the Tower District restaurants I go to during the festival. Instead, I picked up meals on the way home from work or threw something together at home. This episode of The Great Food Search will follow the journey of what I ate during Virtual Rogue 2021.

Great Food Search-DiCicco’s in Sanger

by Terrance Mc Arthur

I’ve lived in the Sanger area for a long time, and DiCicco’s Sanger has always been there: close, convenient, and basic Italian cookery. Recently, nobody in the family wanted to cook and I didn’t want to go all the way into Fresno. We chose DiCicco’s, and things had changed. The place still had the familiar semi-dark atmosphere, the carpet with grape designs in it, tables, booths, black outfits on the servers, and faux-Italian-village painted walls. What was different was the menu.



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